Your purpose has been hardcoded into you since before you were born.

But often, that purpose lies dormant as you try to navigate the world and its many systems. Systems that are inherently designed to strip you of who you are so that you fit inside the status quo. It gets buried beneath the many layers of obligation and expectation that feel impossible to escape.

Some people come across their purpose early in life, but for many, it takes a truly challenging chapter or breakthrough moment to activate us. To crack us so far open that we can no longer live out of alignment with our deepest truth, and we can no longer function in this world unless we're willing to do the work to get clear on who we're here to be.

For many, the idea of purpose is frustrating because it feels ever-elusive and impossible to pin down. We believe that purpose means something grand in scale, becoming globally celebrated and recognized, changing the course of history, or solving world problems.

But purpose is actually straightforward:

Show up, be you, and do what you feel called to do.

There’s no scope or scale of purpose that’s better or more important than another; there’s only what you feel called to do, how you feel called to do it, and where you feel called to show up.

The callings and expressions of your purpose change with the times and as life shapes us, but the seed is ever present—it’s always been there, since the moment you took your first breath. And after working with hundreds of clients over the last twelve years, I’ve discovered ways to activate our purpose without the necessity of hitting rock bottom or life as we know it coming undone.

There’s a simple formula for stepping into our purpose, and it’s accessible to all of us:

I'll be walking you through each part of the formula in our new program: Actualize!

We’re always in alignment; the question is, with what?

In order to live our purpose, we have to show up as our most fully expressed selves and live in total alignment with what feels right and true for us. But that’s not as easy as it sounds because we have years and years of subconscious programming, limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, unresolved grief, and unprocessed emotions that are holding us back from knowing our truest selves and living on the frequency of our desires. In this module, you’ll move through five conversations, workshops, and experiences that will bring you into alignment, including:

  • Creating Leverage for True Freedom and Alignment
  • Knowing Yourself and Identifying Your  Energetics
  • Repatterning Your Subconscious for Fuller Expression
  • Reconnecting With Your Intuitive Guidance System
  • Clearing Unresolved Grief and Trauma

When you’re aligned and showing up in your fullest expression, aspects of your highest self open up and become available, allowing your purpose to reveal itself.

But it’s more than just clarity about what our purpose is; it’s about energetics and embodiment. Our purpose doesn’t become active in our being until we’re operating from the frequency of our desires, trusting in ourselves and our inner knowing, and allowing our legacy and vision to lead us forward. In this module, you’ll move through five conversations, workshops, and experiences that will activate your purpose, including:

  • Pinpoint Your Passions and Purpose
  • Uncover the Work You’re Here to Do
  • Move Through the Terror Barrier with Grace and Ease
  • The Energetics and Embodiment of Living Your Legacy
  • Learning to Let Life Support You

Once we’re clear on our purpose and how it desires expression, we have to actualize it through a very specific type of action that goes against much of what we’ve been taught about manifestation and goal achievement.

Actualize means “to make real.” In our context, that means taking your purpose from an idea and grand vision to “work towards” and making it a reality in your life right now. Collapsing time and no longer waiting on external circumstances to change before you can access the opportunities, experiences, and influence you desire. In this module, you’ll move through five conversations, workshops, and experiences that will allow you to actualize your purpose without fear, pressure, or self-sabotage, including:

  • Creating Context to Support Your Calling
  • Your Way of Being Blueprint for Living Your Purpose
  • Reconfigure the Universe Around You
  • Accelerate Your Actualization by Collapsing Time
  • Build Your Legacy Projects (Business, Life, and More)

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