Find healing and a new sense of wholeness, uncover the purpose of your path, and make the impossible happen in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions.

Life happens in ways that are exciting and beautiful, as well in ways that are heartbreakingly hard.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a map for how to navigate the unpredictable journey that is living this life?


How to go from feeling deeply stuck, unfulfilled, or completely lost in your life, work, and relationships… to feeling joyful, passionate, in love with being alive, and deeply connected to those around you.

Finding your footing and stepping wholeheartedly into what comes next in the aftermath of big life-altering events such as grief, loss, trauma, depression, job loss, divorce, health issues, etc.

Having a deeper level of understanding around what you’ve been through, who you’re becoming, and what it will take to create exactly what you desire from where you stand now.

Getting clarity around exactly what it is you’re here to do—your soul’s work—so you can begin creating and contributing in a purposeful way. The way that only YOU can.

Getting off the path of “shoulds” that have left you feeling overwhelmed, numb, exhausted, and unhappy so that you can create a life that allows you to show up fully aligned and fully expressed.

How to create, be, do, and have more time, more money, more freedom, more of everything your heart desires—without getting derailed by all the blocks and beliefs you always bumped into.

That map exists, and not just an “everything happens for a reason and one day you’ll see all the good and gifts and blah blah blah” blueprint for healing or growth or purposeful living.

It's a real map that's just for YOU and YOUR experience.

The work isn't just about coming back in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions—it’s about what happens once you do—because the journey has altered you so deeply at your core.

You're now navigating hard questions, such as:

  • How do you now navigate your life, relationships, work, and new sense of self when you have no idea who you are or what's meant to come next?
  • How do you reorient to the world around you in a way that serves your continual growth, honoring the person you’ve become during this journey?
  • How do you take what you’ve uncovered—the lessons and the gifts—and integrate them into your life in an intentional, lasting, and meaningful way?
  • And how do you actually step into what's next? The next level work, the new way of being in the world, the supportive relationships

I know it doesn't feel like it from where you stand now, but this is the fun yet incredibly challenging part.

Journey Mapping is our signature process for how we navigate the journeys we’re walking. How we make sense of them, find meaning within them, and grow because of them.

In Journey Mapping, we work through five key stages:


Preparing for the journey

If you’re in stage one, you’re generally feeling uncertain about what’s to come, and you’re ready for a change, but not entirely trusting that it’s possible. You’re feeling some combination of tired, broken, sad, or lost. Disoriented inside your own life. Isolated, like no one understands what you’ve been through or what you’re still going through. You want to find your way ‘back’ somehow, but you’re not even sure what that means for you or your life. You’re lacking clarity and direction. In order to move through the first stage, you must develop:

  • An ability to tune in and trust your intuition around what feels right for you.
  • A strong sense of trust and faith in yourself and your own sense of Source.
  • An ability to be in tune with and able to feel through your emotions,—a biggie!


Looking at the Ordinary World

If you’re in this stage, you’re beginning to understand ‘where you came from’—where your current journey began—and what you’re carrying forward with you that you need to release attachment to in order to grow... such as your winning strategy, old ecology, old ways of being and beliefs, subconscious programming, and the like. Knowing where you started and what the ‘invitation of your soul’ is gives you a sense of where you are on the journey so you’re better able to orient and ultimately move forward. To move through the second stage, you must develop:

  • A clear sense of where you started and what ‘the world before’ is related to this journey.
  • An awareness of your ‘winning strategies’, current ecology, ways of being, subconscious programming, and beliefs.
  • An acceptance of the ‘invitation of your soul’ in one way or another.


Navigating the Special World

You’re in this stage if you’re beginning to build confidence in yourself, and you’re gathering more tools and support for digging into the challenging phases of the journey. You understand that things have changed—that you have changed, as well as how much so—and that the only way ‘back’ is through. You must now navigate and complete your hero’s journey by going through the phases of this ‘special world’, preparing for ‘death and rebirth’ so you can step into what‘s next. In order to move through the third stage, you must develop:

  • A connection to and an ability to utilize mentors, including your own ‘inner mentors.’
  • Clarity around the role relationships play and a feeling that you are fully supported in yours.
  • An awareness of how current challenges are shaping you on this journey.
  • A willingness and ability to surrender to ‘death and rebirth’ in all forms.


Choosing the Path for Your Return

If you’re in this stage, you’re likely feeling a bit raw and somewhat disoriented from the process of death and rebirth. But you’re also beginning to form a new sense of self, a new relationship with yourself, your life, and your work from this new, changed space. You’re building your ‘choice’ muscle and getting clear on what choices you need to make to complete the return and really heal and become whole again, whatever ‘healed and whole’ means to you in the aftermath. You’re ready to get clarity on what you’re creating next and what the purpose of this path was. In order to move through the fourth stage, you must develop:

  • An ability to consistently make the choice to ‘rise up’ and ‘come back’.
  • A clear sense of who you are in the aftermath of this journey.
  • An understanding of the purpose of this path you’ve been walking.
  • An ability to feel reoriented to your life, work, and relationships.


Stepping into What Comes Next

If you’re in this stage, you’re feeling clearer, more peaceful, and more able to navigate the process of ‘rising up’ and ‘coming back’. Now you need to be primed to commit to next-level growth for yourself, getting clear on who you’re here to be and starting to do the work you’re here to do. Your unique contribution. Exciting!! To move through this final stage and into the next purposeful, whole, and healed stage of your life… you must be:

  • Ready to live fully aligned and fully expressed.
  • Ready to uncover your purpose and the work you’re here to do.
  • Ready to use this journey as a catalyst for next-level growth.
  • Ready to begin your next hero’s journey, to start a new adventure.

The coaching, lessons, practices, and exercises in Journey Mapping are designed to help you identify where you're at in the process, so you move through the stages with far more grace and ease — transform your life and step into what comes next on your terms.

Journey Mapping is for you, if you are:

In the aftermath of grief, loss, trauma, divorce, health issues, or another big life event.

Something happened, and whatever that “something” was for you, it fragmented aspects of your life — if not every single area of it — and has left you feeling unsteady inside your own self. You’re ready to have a deeper level of understanding of where you stand now, what you desire to create, and what it will take to actually get there. To truly rise up and come back.

Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or completely lost in your life... unsure what comes next.

You’ve been plugging along, making money, and paying bills… maybe you’ve even started a family and have a good life with good people in it. But, you’re not happy. You feel empty and lost, like a shell of yourself. Or maybe you’re really feeling there must be more to life than your current experience! You’re ready to uncover the real, vibrant, creative self that’s here to contribute in a very unique way. To feel alive and thriving.

Ready to uncover your purpose—who you're here to be and the work you’re here to do.

We all walk unique paths, and those paths are meant to shape us into who we’re here to be. No matter what you’ve gone through or continue to walk through, your purpose and work in this world is incredibly individual and personal… something only you can do. You’re ready to know exactly what that is and how to organize your life around it.

When you join Journey Mapping, I’ll ask you to show up with a beginner’s mind and an open heart. I’ll also ask you to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

There is a process to uncovering the purpose of your path, but it begins with a willingness.

A willingness to feel everything fully and to stop denying any part of your experience. A willingness to sit in the unknown for far longer than is comfortable, to let go of the white-knuckle grip you have on your life and your sense of self. And a willingness to surrender to the unraveling and unfolding that is all things necessary.

Life is hard, yes… but life is simply shaping you. You get to decide what meaning to give the things you’ve walked through, what meaning you will make in your life going forward because of them. You get to decide who you’re going to become in the aftermath of life’s most challenging chapters… and when you make that decision from a place of total trust and surrender, you find that who you want to become is who you’ve always been at your core.

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Over 12 modules, we'll cover:

LESSON 1: Cultivating Trust and Faith

Connecting with your intuition and build deeper trust in yourself. Learn the powerful difference between change and transformation.

LESSON 2: Working with The Void

Learn to work with your emotions, transmute anger, and release sham. Embrace vulnerability and learn how to work with the powerful process of The Void.

LESSON 3: The World Before

Understand where you're coming from, the ecology of change, and how your subconscious holds you back so you can untangle your winning strategy.

LESSON 4: The Invitation of Your Soul

Address the first of two important choice points, move through the Terror Barrier, and understand how to turn fear into fuel to lean into what's next.

LESSON 5: Crossing the Threshold

Learn how to surrender as you move out of "the waiting room" (that place of limbo) and into the deep, catalyzing underbelly of your healing..

LESSON 6: Meeting of the Mentor

Access your own inner mentors so you can navigate the many tests and challenges and learn how capable you are of doing hard things.

LESSON 7: Navigating Death and Rebirth

Take the fear out of this part and learn how to navigate the many layers of death and rebirth as you begin to step into who you're here to be.


This is the second important choice point and where the real work begins. Push your edges and make the choice to rise up and come back.

LESSON 9: Reorienting to the World

Begin establishing new ways of being as you begin to reorient to your life, work, and relationships in the aftermath of all you've walked through.

LESSON 10: The Purpose of Your Path

Identify what's coming alive inside of you, gather all the lessons and the gifts, and begin to understand why you've walked through everything as you have.

LESSON 11: Identifying Your Soul’s Purpose

Thread your storyline and get clarity on what you're here to do in the world. Use this journey as a catalyst for growth and turning pain into purpose.

LESSON 12: Beginning Your Next Journey

Identify what it would mean to go to the next level in your growth, as well as to really begin living your purpose and leaving your legacy.

BONUS! When you join, you'll also get:

Twelve Weekly Journey Mapping AcuSesh™ Recordings

Acupressure is a simple and powerful practice that allows you to easily remove limiting beliefs, blocks, fears, stressors, and even past traumas that may be getting in the way of you creating what you desire.

Through Acupressure, we work with the vision center of the brain and clear any old or outdated information, heal and release stuck emotions and limiting beliefs, and begin to rewire your thought process, feelings, and patterns—all while sitting around on our butts doing a simple and relaxing exercise. You'll receive a new AcuSesh recording with each weekly module to deepen the work we're doing.

Access to our full Guest Expert Training Library

Seven powerful video trainings from my own personal coaches, mentors, brilliant friends, and inspiring role models to help deepen your own work.

Access to our Full Self-Coaching Guide Library

These guides provide you with our most powerful teachings, knowledge, tools, strategies, personal experiences, and more, all around specific subjects. The library includes nine self-coaching workbooks. Each one is a highly focused guidebook and worksheet combo that allows you to self-coach yourself through specific issues using our BEST tools.

We're currently under construction, so you'll receive registration access within 24 hours after submitting payment.