Experiencing Vibes And The Exchange Of Human Energy

“Make room for the emotional, make room for the intuitive, make room for the vibrational.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, Nick speaks with Jason Del Gandio, A Temple University Professor, about the concept of vibes and the exchange of energy between people. Jason shares his expertise in studying the theory and practice of social justice, as well as his passion for understanding the vibe, and explains how he got into studying vibes and the different contexts in which vibes are experienced, such as on a first date, during heated arguments, at sporting events, and at musical concerts. They discuss the importance of being aware of one’s body, surroundings, and other people in order to tune into the vibe and how vibes can affect relationships, leadership, and decision-making.

What to listen for:

  • Vibes are the exchange of energy between people and can be experienced in various contexts, such as on a first date, during arguments, at sporting events, and at musical concerts.
  • Being aware of one’s body, surroundings, and other people is important in tuning into the vibe.
  • Distinguishing between intuition, emotions, and vibes can help in understanding and experiencing the vibe.
  • Softening our perceptions and judgments can allow us to be more present and open to the vibes around us.
  • Self-mastery involves understanding and controlling the vibes we give off and take in.

“The vibe is the exchange of energy between you and other people.” 

  • Vibes represent the transfer of energy that occurs when people interact, highlighting the dynamic and reciprocal nature of human connections.
  • The concept of a vibe underscores the importance of interpersonal dynamics and the intangible aspects of social interactions.
  • Vibes often encompass emotional and psychological elements, affecting how people feel and behave in each other’s presence.
  • People may not always be consciously aware of the vibes they emit or receive, but these energy exchanges can significantly shape their relationships and interactions.

How might I become more aware of the vibe and start playing with my vibe?

  • Awareness of the vibe involves heightened self-awareness, recognizing one’s energy and how it influences others.
  • Developing observational skills to notice subtle cues in others’ reactions and behaviors can enhance understanding of the current vibe.
  • Actively playing with one’s vibe suggests being intentional about the energy one projects, adjusting it based on desired outcomes or interactions.
  • Mindfulness or reflective practices can help individuals tune into their emotional and energetic states more effectively.

“Our bodies are constantly vibing on one another, pointing to a certain kind of interconnection between human bodies.”

  • The exchange of vibes is a continuous process, occurring constantly in all interactions.
  • Vibes are not purely mental or emotional but also physical.
  • The idea of bodies vibing on one another underscores the deep interconnection between individuals, pointing to a fundamental aspect of human relationships.
  • A group’s collective energy can influence individual members, shaping the overall atmosphere and dynamics of the group.

About Jason Del Gandio

Jason Del Gandio has a PhD in Communication Studies and has been studying the vibe for 30 years. He is a published author, an award-winning teacher, and an engaged intellectual. For his doctoral work, he developed his own philosophy of the vibe referred to as “bodily emanation.” He has published essays on the topic in both scholarly and popular presses. His latest project is called 20MinuteVibe, which is an educational space for learning about the vibe, offering videos, essays, and self-paced video lectures for those who are intellectually curious and progressively minded.

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