Unlocking The Key To Personal Growth By Processing Our Childhood Traumas

“To notice that you feel some kind of way and to ask in the moment, what is going on? Why am I pissed off right now?”*

Episode summary:

In this episode, Nick speaks with Jeremy Stegall, a writer, coach, and speaker, who shares his journey of self-discovery and personal growth through hockey. He discusses how hockey provided an outlet for his aggression and frustration, allowing him to channel his energy and develop a strong work ethic. Hockey helped him understand the importance of knowing our own identity and persona, both on and off the ice. They both discuss the significance of self-awareness and the impact of childhood trauma on personal development and overall, Jeremy’s story highlights the transformative power of sports and the journey of self-mastery. 

What to listen for:

  • Understanding one’s identity and persona, both on and off the ice, is crucial for personal growth and self-mastery.
  • Self-awareness is key in recognizing patterns and blind spots, leading to personal development and the ability to show up fully in every area of life.
  • Childhood trauma can have a significant impact on one’s behavior and emotions, and addressing it is essential for personal growth and healing. Self-awareness is crucial for personal growth and overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Systemic issues can impact individual experiences and create fragmentation within oneself.
  • Challenging societal expectations and embracing self-expression are essential for personal fulfillment.
  • Processing childhood traumas and understanding their impact on present emotions is a key aspect of self-mastery.
  • Sports, like hockey, can provide an outlet for aggression and frustration, allowing individuals to channel their energy and develop a strong work ethic.

“You gotta keep leaning in. I don’t even care if you don’t know what it is or how it’s gonna look on the end of the day, put it out there, because something is happening.”

  • Discover why continuously leaning in and engaging is more important than waiting for perfect clarity.
  • Learn how embracing the unknown can lead to innovation and discovery.
  • Understand the value of taking proactive steps even when outcomes are unclear.
  • Explore the importance of having faith in the process and how consistent engagement fosters progress.
  • Find out how continuous effort creates momentum and brings about change, often in unseen ways.

“When I look back, I can see the journey, I can see the progression, I can see the repeating thoughts.”

  • Reflect on past experiences to recognize personal growth and the path taken.
  • Identify repeating thoughts and patterns that offer insights into habits and areas for improvement.
  • Appreciate the importance of the journey and how each step contributes to overall progression.
  • Discover how seeing one’s own thoughts and progression over time signifies self-awareness and mindful living.
  • Learn how recognizing past progress can motivate and highlight the importance of repeated efforts for development.

“Get up more times than you fall down.”

  • Understand the importance of resilience and getting back up after setbacks.
  • Dive into why persistent effort and the willingness to try again are crucial for success.
  • Reframe failure as a natural part of the process and an opportunity to learn.
  • Explore the significance of determination and grit in rising after each fall.
  • Shift focus from failures to the act of getting up, valuing effort over immediate results.

About Jeremy Stegall

Jeremy Stegall is an author, coach, and speaker with Where the Change Happens Coaching. Beginning his blog, Where the Change Happens, in 2018, Jeremy’s writing has now provided readers in over 30 countries the tools to process questions we all have about making personal development growth a consistent habit. In 2020, he self-published his first book, Where the Change Happens, which has found international success, and in 2022, Jeremy self-published his follow-up, After the Divorce: From Looking Back to Leaning In. Jeremy continues supporting clients in shifting how they engage with problems to create new awareness around their vision for their lives and organizations.


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