The Founder’s Journey; Gracefully Ending One Chapter And Leading With Hope Into The Next

Episode summary:​ Steven Blohm worked hard and passionately on building his own business in 2020. Running into challenge after challenge, placing strain on his marriage, and working his life away, the business wasn’t coming together and it wasn’t moving forward.

It was really hard for Steven to make the decision to shut the business down, especially when he had been investing so much of his time and passion into it. Like anything else in life, when one door closes, another door opens.

Guest Name & Bio: Steven is a husband and father of 2. He’s the founder of Moali and is the Office Operations & Business Development Leader at Cyncly.

Steven learned a lot, both applicable to business, life, and about himself along his journey of starting up his own business that failed. With failure comes great success though.

Steven Blohm