Cultivating Inner Mentors When No One Understands or Can Help You

“When we’re working to do the impossible, we’re going to bump into people who cannot think outside their own experiences and what they know to be possible or within reach.”

In this episode, I’m diving into a topic that has been prominent throughout my life: cultivating inner mentors when no one can help or understand us and what we’re trying to do. This is a biggie for anyone working to make the impossible inevitable in their world because you’re going to bump into people’s doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs, or you’re going to struggle to find people who understand the vision and what needs to happen to make it a reality. Inner mentors show up in various ways—God, Source, intuition, muses, or energetic entities tied to what we’re working to create. Learning to work with these alongside external mentors will transform how you bring your ideas and goals to fruition and help you stay in motion.

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What to listen for:

  • Examples from my own life of when no one understood me
  • Navigating different levels of awareness when talking to others
  • Discernment is essential in making the impossible happen
  • What are inner mentors, and how do we work with them?
  • How we call on mentors in process work

“These mentors inside process work represent aspects of self or source or life that we can’t otherwise seem to connect with. And whether that’s tapping into their actual energy or tapping into a part of us, it really doesn’t matter. It’s really irrelevant because you’re tapping into something outside of your conscious mind or what you feel and believe you have access to so that you can go deeper and do different, richer, more impactful work for yourself.

  • Whatever you believe it comes from, work with it directly
  • There are often times the people around us can’t help
  • Working with inner mentors in Journey Mapping
  • Sometimes, we work with inner mentors to find external mentors

“When working to do the impossible, we’re going to bump into people who cannot think outside their own experiences and what they know to be possible or within reach. We’re going to bump into people who are like, ‘I don’t think that you can or should do that.’ We’re going to have people who try to support us but can’t understand the vision or help with what we’re trying to do. And when that happens, we have to be willing to do both parts of the work: seek out new places and spaces, containers, mentors, support people, education resources externally while leaning on the internal.

  • The internal aspect should always be a part of the work
  • Sometimes, the most experienced people cause the most harm
  • We have to trust ourselves to know what’s right and best
  • Questions to ask yourself about this