Claiming and Standing Steady in What’s a ‘No’ for You

In this episode, I’m talking about owning your ‘no’ and why that’s critical to creating what you deeply desire. In order to get to our “hell yeses” and make the impossible inevitable, we will have to navigate our way past the things that are “close, but not quite.” And for many, this is tremendously more challenging than we anticipate, especially when something seems almost right and others don’t understand why we’d ever turn that person or opportunity down. A ‘no’ always moves us forward as much as a ‘yes,’ when we’re willing to trust and honor that, without reverting backward when it seems like nothing else is coming our way.

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What to listen for:

  • Why it’s essential to know yourself and your truth
  • Understanding how and when your intuition speaks to you
  • Going through different experiences and better clarifying our ‘no’
  • How we can identify what to say ‘yes’ to instead
  • The frequency of being decided and how to transform reality

“We cut off everything else. We say, ‘this and nothing less,’ which means no to that, to what’s happening now. When we say no, everything shifts around us because those things are no longer an option, which means we can only give our attention to things that are. We shift our way of being in the world. We’re engaging with life differently now.

  • Being willing to take risks in favor of what we truly want
  • Committing to what we envision over something that’s “close”
  • Dealing with other people’s objections when you say ‘no’
  • Navigating the “magic dark” that sometimes comes after
  • The challenge of saying ‘no’ when you have trauma

“It can be difficult to say ‘no’ if you have trauma around your no not being respected. You’re ‘no’ not being allowed, not being an option. People overwhelming you, gaslighting you, manipulating you, bullying you, controlling you, abusing you. So if it’s hard for you to say ‘no,’ there’s a reason, and that reason simply requires support, processing, and healing.

  • Someone pushing back doesn’t make your ‘no’ wrong
  • Navigating the loss that can come with raising our standards
  • To make the impossible inevitable, you have to be able to say ‘no’
  • Taking what we don’t want off the table completely
  • Stopping self-sabotage with our free resources