How One Simple Question Changed Kevin’s Life Forever

Episode summary:​  Kevin Palmieri is a successful podcaster, but becoming this podcaster was no easy road. It started with Kevin working a regular job and making good money.

From the outside, it looked like he had it all. He had money, a girlfriend, a house, cars, tattoos, and everything most of us think about, yet, he was miserable enough to debate suicide.

Knowing there was no choice, he quit his job and promised that he would never clock in for anyone else ever again.

He took a giant leap of faith, and the only goal right now was just to get rent paid. Starting something new from scratch takes a little while before money comes in, so Kevin struggled with money, struggled to get to the studio, and struggled mentally, feeling like an imposter. He never gave up.

He persistently kept pushing forward. Eventually, everything started to come together.

Guest Name & Bio: Kevin is the founder and co-host of the Next Level University podcast. Early in his life, Kevin found “success”, but after a brush with suicide, he realized he wasn´t living the life he truly wanted.

He became passionate about self-improvement and decided to make it his purpose in life to impact as many people as possible by becoming a role model podcaster and speaker. He has succeeded to make his podcast one of the top 100 with over 1000 episodes and listened in over 125 countries.

He has taken his life to the next level and achieved both personal and professional success.

Kevin Palmieri