Cultivating Space for Creativity and Evolution by Quitting Social Media

“Best thing I could have done as a creative and a leader.”

In this episode, I’m sharing why I (finally!) decided to leave social media and how that’s positively impacted my creativity and ability to evolve. For the last two years, I’ve wrestled with my relationship to social media—navigating through and past an unhealthy desire to be seen and heard and into a space of groundedness. Even though my relationship with social platforms has been vastly healthier and different, I still didn’t want to be there. Not only does it seem chaotic, empty, and draining to my soul, the way these spaces facilitate immediate depreciation of content made it apparent that I was throwing my ideas and gifts into a sea of endless noise and nearly nonexistent attention spans. So, I finally quit. I deactivated my accounts and am refocusing my attention in new ways (and on better channels).

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What to listen for:

  • My long-standing love affair with the power of the internet
  • How grief and trauma changed my relationship to content creation
  • Creating Journey Mapping™ and releasing my second daily tips book
  • Most people experience issues with comparison on social media
  • The gifts social media has given to me over the years
  • When things got wonky with social media

There were many relationships that I simply did not feel seen or heard in. Social media became this mix of feeling like it was the only place where I could be seen and heard and also pouring myself out for other people to consume. And a piece of that came from low self-worth, this unconscious feeling of penance. Like it was my penance to pour myself out and be consumed and to really get nothing in return.”

  • Taking my first real break from social media in 2021
  • How my body of work and business are evolving
  • The inherent limits of social media and how they box us in
  • Feeding a machine and not creating from true alignment
  • Social Media = Sharecropping? By Regina Anaejionu
  • The power of stepping away from our well-worn grooves

“I went through this back in 2017. I pulled all my websites down because I couldn’t get out of that well-worn groove of being and creating in a certain way for a certain brand, conversation, and body of work. It was the stupidest thing I could have done from an SEO strategy perspective. Best thing I could have done as a creative and a leader because it gave me space to let what I wanted to come through.

  • Navigating the next evolution of myself and my work
  • The first 48 hours (and the weeks since) have been amazing
  • Consuming more creative and educational content
  • Starting my Substack and growing our YouTube channel
  • How to assess your own relationship with social media
  • Coming into alignment with your truth and purpose