Going Dry And Overcoming Habitual Drinking

Episode summary:​  Sean Robinson didn’t really think too much about drinking. His parents were in their 20’s when they had Sean, so he grew up with drinking, as he parents would socially drink and host parties. It was always the normal, so as he got older, he was drinking too. Like most of us in our 20’s, Sean too was having the best time of his life, drinking, hanging out with friends, having fun, & just feeling his best. But getting older, the scene and the feelings start to change. Sean craved to feel like he did in his 20s and he kept thinking drinking would make him feel good again. He would pre-drink, and drink everything and then some when camping, trying to chase the 20-year-old version of himself. Sean came to realize that he was never going to catch that version of himself and some changes need to be made. Time to give up drinking.

Guest Name & Bio: Sean is a 38-year-old husband, and father of 3 children under 9. He works in the construction industry and has been a volunteer firefighter for many years. Having spent the majority of his life in 2 of the most masculine sectors, it gave him the impression that he had to live a typical lifestyle and have a typical mentality about it.

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