From Being A Marine To Seeking The Winners Paradigm

Episode summary:​ Alundas Havens had a really hard upbringing – from having an abusive, alcoholic, womanizer of a father, to having an abusive, alcoholic mother with a racist husband.

He struggled with self-identity with his stepfather being racist towards African-Americans and never meeting half of his dad’s side, who happened to be African-American.

Alundas would bounce around between his mom’s house and his dad’s house, trying to determine who was better to live with. As soon as he turned 18, he decided to join the Marines. The Marines were a place he felt he belonged, but when he was home, he struggled with drinking and dealing with traumas.

After his wife had a miscarriage, he started taking care of her and started shifting his mindset. And with the power of the mind, he was working on healing traumas and even created his own podcast to help others better their lives with the power of the mindset.

Guest Name & Bio: Alundas Havens is the CEO and Founder of Alpha Influence Media and The Winners Paradigm Podcast.

Throughout his life, he endured some life-changing events that changed the course of his life, whether it was overcoming trauma, abuses of all types, limiting beliefs, and transitioning from the Marine Corps.

Alundas makes it a priority to give power back to Alpha Entrepreneurs and Podcasters by asking how they got where they are and how others can increase their influence by taking action.