Getting Sober, Overcoming Burnout, and Changing Careers with Geoff Seow

Today, I’m talking to Geoff Seow, founder of MindAxis Life Coaching, about getting sober, overcoming burnout, and changing careers. Geoff helps unfulfilled millennials create an inspired vision for their future through overcoming self-doubt with his MindAxis Method™. His goal is to guide individuals to reach their highest potential, through which they can create a life of purpose and fulfillment. In this episode, he’s sharing his own journey of realizing he was on the wrong career path and how he course-corrected into his true passion and purpose. Geoff also talks about his experiences during lockdown that allowed him to really get to know who he was and what he wanted and create an entirely new mindset that supported a different life.

What to listen for:

  • Graduating high school early and getting his first of three degrees
  • Partying, doing drugs in college, and the lost period in his life

“I was very lost. I didn’t really have any guidance. So for me, that was the only way I kind of knew how to do it, had a lot to do with my childhood conditioning, but also we were just trying to fit in, you know, just trying to really get into the scene.

  • Getting his master’s degree in biotechnology
  • Opening multiple businesses after school
  • Realizing his career wasn’t the thing he wanted to do
  • Reaching a point of severe burnout during the pandemic

“I landed in a job that I thought I was destined for because I had worked so long to get myself into the medical field. I realized I did not enjoy it. And I realized this about the third day in, but I continued for almost two years. I just kept going until I reached that severe burnout.

  • Starting to make internal shifts during lockdown
  • Realizing he was partying too much and not being healthy
  • Buying his first life coaching course to get sober and planting seeds
  • Discovering the world of personal development

“I started really reading this book, and it kind of showed me the importance of sobriety, and it clicked in my mind. I was like, wow, everything I want in life is on the other side of what I’m doing right now. So that’s where I kind of went down the train of, okay, I need to change things. So I really threw myself into personal development.”

  • Cutting off social circles and throwing himself into his personal development
  • Going to the gym, learning constantly, and getting sober
  • Creating his first Instagram account, which grew rapidly
  • Connecting with people and seeing a new opportunity

“What really changed for me is when people started to message me. People were like, ‘man, this is amazing. It’s helped my day. This has really changed my perspective.’ So many positive messages coming from this page, and that’s kind of where it conflicted with my daily life. It really started to get in my head. I was like, ‘wow, I have this online avenue, which is not a business, but people are loving what I do. people are giving so much love and feedback.’”

  • Realizing how soul-sucking his day job was
  • Using his ADHD to his benefit
  • Reaching his breaking point and making the decision to leap
  • Life coaching accreditation, NLP, and CBT therapy
  • Stepping away from security and making a big move

“It felt like the scariest thing for me was actually leaving a salary. I realized that looking back, the salary is kinda like a drug, you know. It kind of keeps you dependent on it.”

  • Learning how to quiet his mind during lockdown
  • Getting clear on who Geoff is now
  • Managing anxiety and pouring himself into his business
  • Reorienting to himself after this period and getting sober

“I was spending so much time deconstructing thoughts. I became very clear on self-awareness. My clarity during this period in time was amazing. Every single time I felt a particular fear or anxiety, I would write it down, get to the root of it and isolate the memory.

  • Fear of judgment and making peace with old memories
  • The benefit of having a coach to support you through the process
  • Taking what he’d learned from prior businesses to build his coaching business
  • Figuring out what works and what doesn’t
  • How to navigate burnout if you’re going through it

If you’re going through a burnout, the first thing is to recognize you are going through burnout. A lot of the time you don’t. You think you’re just tired. And then, you know, from being tired you become kind of antisocial. And then you’re like, okay, you know what? I’m not antisocial. I’m just exhausted.”

  • Paying attention to what you tell yourself
  • Figuring out what’s causing your burnout and making changes
  • Advice for those who also want to get sober

About Geoff Seow:

Geoff Seow is the Founder of MindAxis Life Coaching, where he helps unfulfilled Millennials create an inspired vision for their future through overcoming self-doubt with his MindAxis Method™. Geoff is also an accomplished Academic with a background in Human Biological Science, Neuroscience and Biotechnology.

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