Ignite Your Sunshine

Episode Title:​ ​Ignite Your Sunshine

Episode summary:​ Heather is a life coach, yoga instructor, and the owner of Ignite Your Sunshine. She’s originally from New York and her struggle with anorexia ultimately led her down a path toward healing where she spent years working on herself, her body, and mind, and Yoga was a major piece of that healing. We get into some deep topics like self-abandonment and the power of our inner voice but we also share a bunch of laughs.

Guest Name & Bio:  Heather, tell us about yourself…

“Hi! I’m Heather. I’m a life coach, yoga teacher, personal trainer, sunshine spreader, and the owner of Ignite Your Sunshine. Through life coaching, yoga, integrative wellness, and/or Ignite Your Sunshine Scents proprietary blend of essential oils, I empower all humans to feel whole, complete, and live their greatest lives possible. Wherever you are in life, whatever you are experiencing, you are not alone and you are welcome here. Come join me for class or for an event, or reach out to me personally to connect 1×1 and I’ll be happy to support you however appropriate. Sending you love and light!”

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