On The Cliff Of A Creative’s Mindset

Episode Title:​ ​On The Cliff Of A Creative’s Mindset

Episode summary:​ Cliff is a podcast host and an art director/brand strategist who’s worked in or around advertising and creative agencies for many years. We discuss what it was like growing up in upstate New York then spending 15+ years in the city and how he went from growing up in church to exploring how other religions and people lead their lives ultimately helping him to shape the life he leads now.

Guest Name & Bio:  Cliff, share a bit about yourself with us!

“I’m a multi-hyphenate. A creative leader, art director, designer, strategist, illustrator, beatmaker, podcaster, speaker (did I miss anything? lol). I was a creative professional in NYC for 16 years, I worked in fashion, radio, advertising, media, and entertainment to name a few industries. I’ve worked with companies including Townsquare Media, ViacomCBS, Essence Media, and Hot97. I’m Constantly seeking to know myself better and heal from the past. Love a good belly laugh too.”

Contact Info:  



www.knocliffdesign.com for design work 

www.dukeandjo.co for my strategy work. 


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