Pivoting Your Passion After a Chronic Illness Diagnosis with Keisha Greaves

Today I’m talking with Keisha Greaves, the founder of Girls Chronically Rock, an adaptive fashion company promoting self-love and confidence in the disability community about passion after a chronic illness. With a lifelong passion for fashion, Keisha’s plans were momentarily detailed when she was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy at age 24. In this episode, she’s sharing her journey from diagnosis and finding her way back to her passion and her purpose, launching her fashion line and working to spread awareness of Muscular Dystrophy, and balancing life with chronic illness.

What to Listen For:

  • Starting to get weird symptoms in her body
  • The final incident that led her to her diagnosis
  • What life was like prior to her diagnosis
  • Having a passion for fashion from an early age
  • Knowing she wanted to be an entrepreneur from an early age
  • Creating a business plan to launch her own fashion business named after her grandmother
  • Getting her diagnosis and shutting down

“I’m thinking, well, she has to have call the wrong patient. Maybe she got the test results mixed up. Maybe she called me by accident, you know, but I knew deep down inside something wasn’t right.”

  • Googling her diagnosis and what went on in her head
  • Denial and hiding her diagnosis even as she started to use a cane
  • The moment of acceptance

“At that moment when I was writing and saying everything out loud, I’m like, wow, I have muscular dystrophy.”

  • Finding support on social media
  • Feeling like she’s lived in two worlds
  • Still having days of sadness, exhaustion, frustration
  • Don’t let social media fool you!
  • The power of connecting with people who have shared experiences

“There’s nothing. And I mean, nothing, like talking to somebody who gets it knows what it’s like living with muscular dystrophy.”

  • The difference between talking with a therapist versus talking with a friend or family member
  • The hard pivot after her diagnosis
  • Reaching a point where she wanted not only to put her fashion degree to good use but also to inspire those with chronic illness

“My whole new perspective and vision has changed, but still within the fashion industry.”

  • The process of learning as she went to get her business started
  • Her goals for the future

“I don’t just look at it as a Girls Chronically Tock clothing brand, but a Girls Chronically Rock movement.”

  • That advice she would give her able-bodied self

About Keisha Greaves:

Keisha Greaves, the founder of Girls Chronically Rock, has always been passionate about fashion. Born and raised in Cambridge, MA, Keisha has a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and an MBA. At age 24, she was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, and her life changed. But far from being bogged down by it, Keisha decided not only to embrace it but to celebrate Muscular Dystrophy and other chronic illnesses, giving life to her dream of starting a fashion line.Today, Keisha is a motivational speaker who talks about spreading awareness of Muscular Dystrophy, balancing life with chronic illnesses, raising money for causes, advocating for disability, and other related topics.

Keisha has been featured in several media outlets like Good Morning America, The Today Show, ABC News, and more! One of her proudest moments is when she was featured in Today Style Heroes 2018. She was featured with other celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Drew Barrymore, Debra Messing, Mindy Kaling, and more, for her inspired clothing line.

Keisha has also been the Massachusetts State Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association(MDA) for two years. She has worked with Massachusetts’ Governor, Charlie Baker, and successfully got September 30th officially proclaimed as Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day. Further, she also received the proclamation from Mayor Marc McGovern from the city of Cambridge.

Website and social media links:

Check out my t-shirt line at www.girlschronicallyrock.com
Business Line: 857-208-1022
IG @ www.instagram.com/girlschronically_rock
Facebook @ www.facebook.com/keishagreaves
Twitter @ www.twitter.com/girlschronical1
Linkedin @ www.linkedin.com/keishagreaves
Podcast @ https://anchor.fm/keisha-greaves


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