Purposeful Redirection After a Life of Rejection with Tenita Johnson

Content warning: sexual assault and suicidal ideation.

Today I’m talking with Tenita “Bestseller” Johnson authorprenuer, speaker, and book coach on a mission to transform pain into purpose. In this episode, Tenita shares with us her journey to find her own purpose through a lifetime of setbacks starting from her childhood where she grew up being told she wasn’t supposed to exist. She’ll be pulling back the curtain on feeling alone, feeling unseen, and feeling unworthy of love and sharing how she took all the negative things that happened in her life and turned them into positives as well as her mission to do the same for others.

What to Listen For:

  • Being born to a young mother and knowing she was supposed to be aborted
  • Feeling like she wasn’t supposed to be here because of her upbringing
  • Not feeling seen as a child
  • Defining herself by external factors
  • Not really knowing who she was or feeling strong enough to stand on her own two feet
  • How she empowers women to understand they have purpose

“I’m literally on a mission to use every bad thing that happened in my life to turn it for good.”

  • What she realized about herself after she got married
  • Feeling broken and unworthy of love
  • Needing a different type of counselor for different chapters of life
  • Therapy is only a piece of her healing journey
  • The role of community and mentors in her healing
  • How she safeguarded herself against going down the darkest holes

“These are the people who have the permission to call me out on the carpet if they see me going down these dark holes again.”

  • The transformational exercise she did with a counselor involving her inner little girl
  • The important role of mindset work in your business
  • Her career trajectory

“I literally remember sitting at the desk saying, you have to use what’s in your hands. So what do you have that people will pay for it that solves a problem?”

  • Being pushed into full-time entrepreneurship
  • The ebbs and flows of self-employment
  • The intentional practices she does to keep herself in the moment
  • Her biggest piece of wisdom for those feeling lost from their purpose.

“If you’re on the earth, if you still have breath, you’re still breathing, there’s purpose. There is purpose. It’s up to you to dig and find out what that purpose is though”

  • Her standards around work she will do
  • Opening our unwrapped gifts

About Tenita Johnson:

Transforming pain into purpose is a gift that authorpreneur, speaker and book coach, Tenita “Bestseller” Johnson gives to everyone she encounters. She is a warrior of words with a fierce passion for guiding authors to expand their brand by showing them how to earn multiple streams of income from just ONE book. As the author of 18 books, seven of which have been Amazon bestsellers, she is living proof that sharing your story leads to your destiny.

Familiar with rising from numerous fires and coming out unscathed, Tenita has triumphed over suicidal thoughts, depression, low self-esteem, marital storms and blended family woes. She has also endured miscarriages and the still birth of twins the day after she married her husband. Each of these tragedies has added indelible layers to her resilience. With more than 25 years in journalism, writing and editing, she has a knack for creating narratives that are authentic and raw, yet endearingly relatable. She is a vessel with the ability to change lives and impact the world, thus she is a proud “book bully,” who relentlessly urges others to, “Write the book and get paid for the pain!”

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