Reorienting to Yourself and the Constant Evolution of Becoming

“As we clear things on a cellular level, we become a new and different person who is no longer carrying that old trauma.”

In this episode, I’m talking about the process of reorienting to yourself and the endless evolution of becoming who you’re here to be. When we’re striving to live our purpose and make the impossible inevitable, we’re constantly growing and healing, which means we’re continually needing to reorient to ourselves and our external reality. Reorienting always leads to renegotiating and/or release, and these can be challenging and uncomfortable to navigate. If we’re not on a path of evolution, we’re likely stagnating in the known, familiar, and “comfortable.” As humans, we’re wired for continuous growth, and that requires ongoing seasons of reorientation. Today’s conversation will help you better understand this process (with examples from my own healing and growth journey) and how to move through it with more ease.

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What to listen for:

  • What is purpose vs. our purpose expression
  • Understanding the times we live in and how life shapes us
  • Life is an endless, ongoing series of evolutions
  • Choosing comfort and no change is choosing stagnation
  • Reorienting to ourselves is a constant experience
  • Living the Law of More Life

“If we lean into the Law of More Life, if we lean into purpose and our fullest expression, we allow things to shape and change us, which asks for this constant reorientation to self first, then to everything around us. And this can be scary and unsettling because we like to stay in the known and familiar. Our subconscious wants everything to stay the same because it knows we can survive that. But as we’re shaped, we shift. We change. The way our purpose wants to be expressed evolves with us. That means we have to reorient to ourselves over and over again.

  • Getting to know ourselves anew in each moment
  • Being considerate of others without self-compromise
  • Renegotiating vs. releasing and how they work together
  • Not all relationships evolve with us
  • Healing always requires reorienting to ourselves

As we clear things on a cellular level, we become a new and different person who is not carrying that, is not regenerating it with every cellular turnover. We’re suddenly free from it. We have more space and leverage. We’re not triggered in the same ways. We do not believe the same things. We have more leverage to move, do, and be differently, which changes who we are. And therefore, our relationship to other people, work, things, and spaces.

  • Honest and truthful conversations are required
  • We won’t always get what we want
  • Taking actions that are hard and scary
  • Understanding and navigating the Terror Barrier
  • Trusting the process to come into your fullest expression