The Magical Journey of Discipline and Curiosity

“Joy only comes from within ourselves. It is not external. It’s not an external act, external job. It’s an inside job.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, I meet with Wayne Faulkner, the author of 3 personal development books, to discuss the magical journey of discipline and curiosity. We travel through childhood into adulthood, career, being a musician, and going through heartbreak to discuss how we can manage our mindset and become stronger, clearer, and more on fire for life.

What to listen for:

  • How our mindset plays a role in every aspect of our lives
  • What we feel music does to our soul, psyche, and daily living
  • How writing, like journaling, lyric writing, etc.. can help us process our lives and live more fulfilling lives
  • We discuss the uphill feeling of writing a book and how we change as a person through the process.

“The main obstacle, I think, in my view, that prevents people from writing is they don’t think that they can do it. Number one, yeah, they just don’t believe they can do it because when you look at a book, it has X number of pages. Wow, how would I ever be able to write a complete book of 150, 200, or 300 pages? Where is this information, where is the content gonna come from? How is this done? You know, I can’t do that, it’s impossible. But it is possible.”

  • Like most things in life, it’s not easy to start a massive project if we’re controlled by fear around it
  • The daily disciplines Wayne used to write each of his books that we can all use some variation of in our own lives
  • Projects like books are similar to how we see celebrities… it’s not an overnight success that makes them

“Progress over perfection. You know, as long as you’re making progress, that’s what it’s all about.”

  • How we view “success” in western culture
  • We discuss the difference between progress and perfection and why it matters to our daily lives
  • What happens when we let go of the outcome of our work
  • Breaking down the daily disciplines that help write a book, start a company, or even just run a healthy life

“In daily life, you will experience whatever the inner you projects. Whatever is inside of you, you will project that into your outside reality. So think for sure. Do I want to think positive? Do I want to feel positive? I want to feel joy, happiness, success, hope, awareness, inspiration, motivation? Or do you want the opposite?”

  • Our minds and attitudes can make or break us in almost every situation
  • How thinking and feeling are tied together and what that means for us
  • Simple ways Wayne has found to control his mind and daily life
  • How important speaking with love and listening with love are important not just in outward communication but also within ourselves.

About Wayne Faulkner

Wayne Faulkner is a multifaceted professional with writing, personal development, coaching, education, and content creation expertise. He has dedicated significant time and effort to studying the habits and practices of successful individuals, intending to inspire and empower others to cultivate a heightened level of consciousness and achievement. Currently based in Tennessee, Wayne is committed to leveraging his skills and knowledge to help individuals realize their full potential and live their best lives.

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