Superman Shares His Secrets About Addiction, Recovery, And Faith

Episode Title:​ ​Superman Shares His Secrets About Addiction, Recovery, And Faith

Episode Summary: Tim knows firsthand what addiction can cause and he also knows firsthand what faith, support, and a healthy lifestyle can change a life.

Guest Name & Bio: Tim Kassouf is a Certified Personal Trainer in South Florida. Working with private clients and teaching group fitness classes at Pit Fitness, I excel & delight in helping people live their fitness goals. I have a passion for people and personal experience that empowers me to serve others as a fitness professional. I started my own fitness journey overweight, depressed, battling active addiction, and hopeless. So I know it’s hard. But I also know that if I can do it, so can you! I’m happily married to an incredible woman who fills my heart with joy and my life with purpose. I’m a lucky man & very blessed!

Instagram: @timstagramcpt

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