Tapping Into Intuitive Mediumship After Tragic Loss with Lindsay Marino

Today I’m talking with Lindsay Marino about tapping into intuitive mediumship after tragic loss. Lindsay is an international psychic medium, podcast host, and co-author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, 365 Days of Angel Prayers. She shares how grief pulled her off her path and into her purpose after the sudden loss of her boyfriend at age 23. This experience changed everything about what she thought her life would be. When she realized her calling was to help others after loss, she closed the door on her teaching career to open her heart to a path that had been calling to her in subtle ways since childhood. Listen in to hear her story.

What to Listen For: 

  • Who is Lindsay Marino?
  • The event that shifted everything for her
  • Who she was before her loss changed her life

When everything shifted for me, it was almost as if everything slowed down in a way; if you could think of it like that. Everything went in slow motion. Like, is this really happening? Just getting up out of bed was a struggle.

  • What kept her moving forward through her grief
  • Receiving some amazing signs during the hardest moments of her life
  • Her first psychic moments

“So one of the moments was, I had a visitation from Nick. I saw him, and this was a sleeping state at that moment, and he said, you’re not going to see me for a while, but I’m still going to be around you. And this was telepathic communication.”

  • An unexpected early birthday surprise
  • The sense that people thought she was completely crazy
  • Seeking moments of just being by herself for meditating, taking long walks, painting, and just being in her own space
  • The importance of honoring yourself during periods of grief

“You try to make other people feel comfortable because they feel uncomfortable that you’re going through it, but that’s where you get yourself into trouble because you’re trying to please them, which you’re never going to. And then you’re not honoring your own self during that time, too.”

  • Lindsay’s relationship to intuitive psychic experiences before embracing this life
  • Out-of-body experiences as a child
  • Being highly sensitive from a young age
  • Always having a side of her that wanted to reach out and connect to the spirit realm
  • Going to a psychic with a college friend feeling guilt and shame as she wrote the check

“She was experiencing this moment. And it was almost like a foreshadowing of what was to come for me. I just didn’t know it at the time. So that’s pretty interesting to look back and connect the dots on any area of our life and see that… oh wow, there were certain things that were preparing us. You can’t really be prepared for something big like this, but moments that kind of paved the way at times.

  • Love, healing, and grief all wrapped into Nick’s visitations
  • The conversation she had with him days before he passed

“We actually had a conversation before he passed on a Sunday. He died on a Tuesday. 

We went to church together, and it was all about grieving. And he had a conversation and said, ‘well, if I ever died, I wouldn’t want anyone to grieve my loss and get caught up in addiction or stop working, because death is a part of life’

And I got frustrated with him, and I’m like, stop talking about this. Why are you saying this? 

He’s like, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just saying. Because he had a lot of loss in his life. He said, ‘I’m just saying, I wouldn’t want anyone to stop living.’ That conversation was a huge piece that would come into my mind after thinking, okay, I got to keep on moving. He said you got to keep on moving.”

  • The fear dreams that made things harder
  • Reconciling her religious background with her psychic experiences

“After he passed, I didn’t care. I didn’t even have any fear of any sin or anything like that because when I had the experiences, I felt so much healing. It’s almost like when that part of me died in the moment where all of a sudden, literally my life flashed before my eyes, which some people listening may relate to that, where it’s like all these things that you regret that you didn’t say or do, comes into mind.

When that part of me died, a new part of me or an old part of me, maybe my soul, my true soul came out and knew the truth of things that it was never a sin. It’s actually healing. So it completely changed things for me.

  • Picking pieces of father that she believes in and rejecting the things that don’t align with her truth
  • Following the breadcrumbs that lead her to her spiritual calling
  • Asking her passed boyfriend for signs
  • Nick communicating through a psychic medium named Jason, who happened to be having lunch with a friend of Lindsay’s
  • Getting that message passed to her and the healing that came with it
  • Taking that experience and realizing she wanted to help others in the same way
  • Taking a course and really stepping onto the path of mediumship

“It built up belief in what I had experienced with Nick. And it was just these little breadcrumbs that led me through these experiences, and things started to get very busy with people contacting me for readings, friends of friends, or family of friends. And from there, I just felt like my heart was leading me out of the school system, and I needed to honor that path.

So, after seven years of teaching, I started to do this work. Full-time not just part-time and, and that’s how it happened.” 

  • Meeting her husband soon after Nick’s passing
  • The first time they spoke, they both knew they were going to be connected
  • Including Nick in their lives after marriage
  • Lindsay’s special blend of mentors who have molded her life
  • A key aspect of her healing and shift into mediumship

Before this whole experience, I was giving, giving, giving, and I was totally drained and tapped out energetically.

So for me, I had nothing to give anyone when Nick passed away. So that actually caused me to not get in my thoughts, thinking, Oh, should I do this for other people? Because I really had to recharge on my own instead of giving to other people. So that was my learning right. There was okay, I need to give back to me so I can get up out of bed.

  • The power of going inward and having time for yourself before you can communicate with others
  • Lindsay’s advice for going through grieve and life in general
  • How Nick’s passing got here where she needed to be sooner rather than later

I feel like if he didn’t pass away, I probably would’ve got to the mediumship place, but my why would have been different.

The reason why I was doing it, it would have been different. So thinking back on it, it probably would’ve happened in a different way. And maybe it would have been later in my life that that would’ve happened, but it started at 23 for me, instead of maybe later. Maybe it would’ve started now.”

  • Feeling grateful for the grief she experienced
  • How her experience helps her connect with clients by giving her more sensitivity to what they’re going through and understanding that you can’t solve grief
  • Learning to appreciate the moment through her experiences more fully
  • Loving herself in a different way

About Lindsay Marino:

Lindsay Marino is an international psychic medium, podcast host, and co-author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, 365 Days of Angel Prayers.

Lindsay helps psychic mediums all around the world deepen their gifts and grow their business through her online programs.

Lindsay earned her Psychic Mediumship Certificate through Lisa Williams International School of Development and has done extensive mentorships with world-renowned medium Mavis Pittilla. She also holds a Masters in Education from the University of Tampa.

Lindsay has been interviewed on Low Country Live Television, OMTimes Radio, Sedona Talk Radio, Soul Love, and Evolving Soul. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida, and loves to travel back home to Boston and Saint Louis.

Website and social media links:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindsayMarinoMedium

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindsaymarinomedium

Podcast: http://youtube.com/lindsayandtony

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