The Power of Persistence, Surrender, and Faith

Today, we’re talking all about the power of persistence, surrender, and faith as we recap some of the amazing highlights from the first season of this podcast and look forward to all the goodness we have coming up for you in season two. We’ve had some incredible guests in this first season, and we can’t wait to share the stories of even more purpose-driven individuals with you in season two, along with more of my own personal journey and teaching on specific topics, processes, and frameworks to help you find healing, uncover your purpose and make the impossible happen in your own life.

What to Listen For:

  • Season one is ending
  • Season two coming soon
  • Must-listen (or relisten) moments from season one
  • The power of persistence

“Persistence is essential to living our purpose because the path to it is filled with obstacles. It’s challenging beyond belief, and it asks so much more of us than we believe we have to give. We are going to get knocked down.”

  • Stepping into surrender

“Surrender is about trust, trust in ourselves to navigate the unraveling as it happens, gathering new insight and information as we go making decisions and choices as we need. And knowing that no matter where we ultimately end up, we are going to be okay, maybe even better.”

  • Leaning into faith

“While many have a spiritual or religious relationship to faith, not everyone does faith is about belief in the unseen, but not yet happened. It’s about trusting in something that hasn’t been fully realized or actualized yet. Something we can’t explain. Something that might seem crazy to others.”


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