The Road to Uncovering Your North Star with Nicola Holmes

Today I’m talking with Nicola Holmes, a Life Coach who helps people step into their joyful power and realize their boldest dreams, about the road to uncovering your north star. In this episode, she shares with us her journey to start trusting herself more and following her path, including her early years where she felt painfully stuck and allowed her fear of choosing wrong to keep her from choosing at all. She opens up about her biggest “aha” moments, learning to get comfortable in discomfort, and how she started walking the path she’s on now.

What to Listen For:

  • Struggling to find her own path early in life
  • Feeling stuck, lost, underemployed, and ill-fitting in her early 20s
  • Seeing her friends get jobs they enjoyed and feeling like she was falling behind
  • Longing for a career path that felt more like a calling that went deep and wide
  • Feeling like she was running experiments
  • The despair and fear she felt as she began to worry she would never find a fitting path

“I really wanted to make a positive difference in the world and I did have a sense that I had gifts to use. And so that feeling of un-actualized potential was very painful.”

  • Her inner voice telling her she was failing at life
  • Struggling to trust herself
  • Fear of making the wrong choice or wasting more time
  • The journal entry she made as a child that proves true for her today
  • Feeling pressure and anxiety to choose her path

“No one could wave a magic wand and sort of resolve those inner questions, inner struggles, and the pain where it felt like tensions between the life I was living and the life I sensed was possible for myself. ”

  • Small, courageous, incremental moves, that ended up making a huge difference
  • Closing a 5-year chapter, taking a leap of faith, and listening to a calling
  • Moving across the county
  • Learning to tolerate uncertainty
  • Deciding to stop saying no
  • How she was introduced to coaching
  • The synchronicities that fell into place after that moment
  • Learning to trust herself
  • Stepping into a whole new framework of living

“It was very different in some ways than the training that I had mastered as a child and as a young adult. I think I knew how to do that more linear way of living and that’s what was so hard when I didn’t have a clear-cut goal to work for. “

  • Growing the muscle for our own inner guidance system
  • The shifts she made around partnership in her 30s
  • Understanding that perfect doesn’t exist
  • Healing her inner child for a better adult life
  • What she wishes she knew when she was younger
  • Coming to understand that we will learn more by choosing instead of staying stuck

About Nicola Holmes:

Nicola Holmes is a Life Coach who helps people step into their joyful power and realize their boldest dreams. She works 1:1 with individuals, facilitates a group coaching program called The Expansion Circle, and has an online program called, Level Up: A 6-Week Online Course to Get You Moving on Your BIG Dreams. Nicola’s academic background includes human & community development and adult learning and she spent two decades working in the non-profit sector. Along with coaching for the past twelve years, she’s mama to two spirited young kids, community-minded, and a voracious reader.

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