Understanding and Activating the Three Channels for Change

“Living our fullest expression is the biggest, most important contribution that we can make in this lifetime.”

In this episode, I’m talking about understanding and activating the three channels for change. This is for people driven to contribute to the world in some way that is beyond simply creating changes within ourselves. When we understand the different channels of expression for our purpose work to move through, we can start channeling our energy and efforts in deeply productive and transformational ways. This is about going above and beyond living our fullest expression and creating a fully aligned life; it’s about transmuting our rage, fury, sadness, and hurt into contributions that ripple through communities and generations.

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What to listen for:

  • Internal healing and growth work is vital to making change
  • Being a stand for the transformation that we feel is most important
  • Creating and gaining clarity from our emotions and state
  • Transmuting our contractive experiences into contribution
  • The power of owning our rage and fury

When we’re in our rage, our anger, our fury, we are the most passionate. We are the most intense and intentional, only aligned with what we care about. You have to have a relationship to anger, and a lot of people, and certain personality types in particular, are terrified of their anger. But anger is one of our most divinely fueled emotions.”

  • Noticing your stories and gears about certain emotions
  • Stop trying to make someone or something inherently wrong
  • Transmuting anger into creative, catalyzing, and disruptive energy
  • Organizing ourselves around what’s really important
  • Understanding the three channels for change

“There are three channels for change; the first is a channel of expression, which is your purpose. Living our fullest expression is the biggest, most important contribution we can make in this lifetime. I know that with my whole soul—just being who you are here to be is one of the greatest contributions that you can make.

  • The seed of your purpose vs. the way it expresses through you
  • What does it actually look like to live your fullest expression?
  • Creating a droplet that ripples into massive disruption
  • Choosing a channel that allows for creation and conversation
  • Figuring out what you feel called to create