Unlocking The Mysteries Of Metaphysical Growth

“Meditation is a state of being, not an activity. The goal is to be able to carry this meditative state into your daily life.”

Episode summary:

In this episode of the Mindset & Self-Mastery show, Nick dives into self-discovery, lucid dreaming and alternative healing with Tarak Uday.

Tarak shares his personal journey, including a life-threatening heart condition that led him to explore metaphysics and practices beyond traditional medicine. He emphasizes the importance of approaching these practices with a critical mind, not blind faith. Liste in as Tarak shares the transformative experiences he’s had through meditation that have shifted his views on death and existence overall.

What to listen for:

  • How a health challenge sparked a journey into metaphysics
  • Why critical thinking matters when exploring alternative practices
  • Unveiling the interconnectedness of dreams
  • The power of self-awareness for personal growth

When you close your eyes, like right now you’re seeing everything, the whole entire input of what you’re experiencing is happening with your physical senses. That’s how you know what you are experiencing in this physical 3d reality we call life. And so in the dream, though, you’re not using your physical eyes. You’re not using your physical ears. You’re not using your physical sense of touch. Those are your astral senses.”

  • Our existence and our reality are not the same experiences others are having
  • How our existence is deeper than our physical senses and ways to experiment with this existence
  • What we can do to break free of the limited thinking about our reality

“Discipline is the highest form of self love. And so just incorporate some form of discipline. And I’m not saying, you know, find the exercise to do, but just be regular in your approach.”

  • How discipline ties into our growth
  • Seeing discipline as a form of self-love and how to best “love” ourselves
  • Taking a scientific approach to our lives and how that can look for each of us

Meditation is not an activity. Meditation isn’t something you do. Meditation is a state of being. And the activity, the purpose of the activity is to put you into that state of being so that you can resonate and be meditating.

  • How meditation can actually help us with handling life’s tough and interesting situations
  • The thought that meditation doesn’t start with closing our eyes; it starts after the session
  • Ways that have worked for Tarak and tips you can use right now

About Tarak Uday

Tarak Uday, a profound spiritual mentor, unlocks the mysteries of metaphysical growth, blending ancient wisdom with modern insights to guide seekers toward transformative self-discovery and spiritual evolution.


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