The Power (and Importance) of Valuing Honesty Over Comfort

“Telling the truth is the most loving thing we can do.”

In this episode, I discuss the power and importance of valuing honesty over comfort. This is about choosing truth, transparency, and alignment over people-pleasing and activating our subconscious winning strategy for gaining safety, security, success, love, and belonging. Honesty can be terrifying, but it gives us the greatest freedom and leverage to create more of what we desire. You can’t live your fullest expression and most aligned life if you don’t value honesty above comfort. You’ll always contort yourself and settle in what you do to please others, avoid discomfort, and steer away from uncertainty.

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What to listen for:

  • Certain personalities value people-pleasing more than others
  • You can’t live your fullest expression without honesty
  • The terror of loss often keeps us playing small
  • A core fear of rejection that we all have as human beings
  • Creating space for the right people and opportunities

“Even though we do lose people, communities, things, experiences, opportunities, and jobs as we step into our fullest expression, as we start to walk down a path towards our most aligned life, that creates space for the right people, things, opportunities to come in.

  • The necessary period of isolation and how to weather it
  • What you want is already orbiting around you
  • Valuing honesty over comfort actually brings more comfort
  • How our subconscious winning strategies keep us stuck
  • My personal experience valuing truth more highly
  • Negotiating what you desire in different circumstances
  • You have to be willing to navigate the consequences

“Consequences are simply things that happen as a result of other things happening. That’s it. You have to be willing to navigate the consequences. Whatever happens, you have to trust yourself and have your own back. This can take a lot of inner healing and alignment work to even know in the first place what’s true for you, what you want, what you need to be honest about. Trusting that on the other side of the discomfort of speaking your truth, there will actually be more comfort because more aligned things will come in.

  • How stories keep us from speaking our truth
  • Shifting our way of being and having hard conversations
  • Telling the truth is the most loving thing we can do

“Here’s the thing for those of you who are so worried about hurting the people that you love… your act of honesty, your act of full expression and full alignment, is an act of love and consideration for everyone around you. Because if you’re not living your fullest expression, what are you living? You’re living in smallness. You’re living unhappily. You might even be living a lie. That is not loving to anyone around you.

  • Withholding our truth isn’t loving
  • Telling the truth without being inconsiderate
  • Questions to ask yourself to come into deeper alignment