Understanding Your Subconscious Winning Strategy and How It Blocks You

“Our subconscious winning strategy is designed to produce only a certain set of outcomes based on limiting information and a belief system that was developed when we were very young.”

In this episode, I’m breaking down our subconscious winning strategy and how it blocks us from making the impossible happen. As humans, we’re wired to seek safety, security, love, and belonging. Add to that the world and age we live in, and we also work incredibly hard to feel “successful,” whatever that means for us. But the thing about our subconscious winning strategy is that while it produces certain results, it keeps what we deeply desire perpetually out of reach. Follow along as I explain the subconscious vs. conscious mind, walk you through the aspects of winning strategies, and show you how to begin identifying yours so you can experience more freedom and leverage.

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What to listen for:

  • Understanding our subconscious vs. our conscious mind
  • Navigating the systems of the world and how it shapes our beliefs
  • Our foundational worldview and how it informs our lives
  • My bible for life: The Last Word on Power by Tracy Goss

“This is a really mind-bendy conversation, and I know that because the first time I was introduced to this concept, it was very confusing for me. How can this strategy that has allowed me to create a certain level of safety, security, and success, that has allowed me to win in certain ways, be the thing that’s keeping what I want at bay? That’s actually pushing it further and further away?

  • The inherent truth about these subconscious strategies
  • Why we don’t want to choose a new winning strategy
  • Going against the subconscious will trigger the Terror Barrier
  • You’re not making truly conscious choices if you don’t understand this

“Seeing it is the first step. Awareness of it, seeing it at play, understanding how it shows up in all kinds of different situations. Then you have to do the work to step outside of it. And that will be scary and uncomfortable, but it’s so freeing, and the world opens up to you.

  • Breaking down the four aspects of your winning strategy
  • Identifying your core wound and how it influences your actions
  • The importance of self-awareness and self-honesty
  • Tracking your interactions in a specific way for deeper clarity
  • Why our subconscious core wound stories are a lie

“Our core wounds, especially if trauma was involved, are so anchored into us. We can do the deeper healing and clearing work, processing these stored emotions, stories, and beliefs out of our nervous system. Re-patterning and rewiring our subconscious mind, our beliefs, our thought patterns. It helps. It gives us leverage to move despite these stories, to stop believing them, to see them for what they are.

  • What happens when we step outside our subconscious strategy
  • Why you should do this work, and what you have to gain
  • How your winning strategy keeps what you want impossible
  • It’s inherently manipulative, but it’s not malicious