Understanding Your Unique Energetics Through Human Design with Kendra Woods

“When we understand how we best operate, then we can truly advocate for ourselves.”

In this episode, I’m talking to Kendra Woods about the power of understanding and working with our unique energetics through Human Design. Kendra is the founder of Soulful Success By Design, and her philosophy centers on transcending conditioned consciousness so that people can step more deeply into their fullest expression and purpose work. After spending most of her life trying to match other people’s energy and way of being, she realized that she had to start doing things on her terms, and soon after discovered the powerful system of Human Design. This system helped her see that she’s a projector who’s meant to operate entirely differently than her parents, partner, and coworkers. The truth is, over 30% of the population is wired differently from how our workforce and education systems operate and what society declares as the “right” way to be! Kendra beautifully breaks down what Human Design is, the five distinctly different energy types, and how you can begin the process of deconditioning from who the world told you to be so that you can live your most aligned life.

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What to listen for:

  • Kendra’s story of leaving the corporate world and its anxiety behind
  • Learning about online business and beginning her own
  • Her first experience with Human Design and how it helped her
  • Crying tears of feeling understood and making sense of her path
  • Discovering a core wound that had guided her life

“I would look at the women around me and they were doing fine, right? They were managing their offices, taking care of their kids, and going on vacations. And like, they’re coming to work and they’re thriving in their career. And meanwhile, I’m looking at myself going, what the heck? Like maybe I’m not capable, right? I can’t do this.

  • How systems play a role in self-doubt and core wounds
  • What Human Design is and why it’s helpful to understand your type
  • Learning to advocate for ourselves and our unique needs
  • Understanding the cellular and energetic levels of how you’re designed
  • How this information can help you advocate for yourself

It’s so important because when we understand how we best operate, then we can truly advocate for ourselves and say, no, I know that that’s not gonna work for me. We can create better boundaries. Our communication gets better. We’re able to show up more confidently in our skills and our abilities. And the thing is, we can look at what someone else is doing and over time begin to stop comparing ourselves because we realize, you know what, that is her gift. She is amazing at that, and that is wonderful. My gift is this over here.

  • Recognizing the five energy types in Human Design
  • Understanding the importance of each role in our world
  • The emotional states that guide each energy type
  • Deconditioning and the process of reorienting to our lives
  • Kendra’s experience setting boundaries in life and work

“It was challenging because it took practice. It required me to trust my energy and trust myself and trust that I can operate how I’ve been practicing. I don’t need to shift into overdrive, I can stay in this energy that I am in and things will be okay. And I’m telling you, that was hard.”

  • Taking ownership of your experiences
  • Understanding what choice really means
  • Getting those around you to honor your new boundaries

About Kendra Woods:

Kendra Woods is the founder of Soulful Success By Design. As an international Transformational and Human Design Coach, Kendra empowers women to master their inner leadership skills, fostering success in both business and life with authenticity.

Kendra’s philosophy centers on transcending conditioned consciousness, enabling women to achieve the business and life they genuinely desire and deserve. She partners with purpose-driven women, guiding them to elevate their ventures and lives by connecting with their hearts instead of relying on constant hustle.

Through Human Design Coaching, online group programs, and personalized coaching, Kendra facilitates transformative experiences that enable women to embrace new realities. With a background in Business Administration (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) and over 10 years in the corporate world, Kendra blends practical business knowledge with intuitive wisdom to steer clients toward authentic success on their own terms.

Kendra’s literary works include ‘The 7-Step Morning Manifestation Guide,’ ‘Mind Boss Habits: 12 Steps to Getting out of Your Head and Into Action,’ and her contribution to the Amazon bestseller ‘Girl Get Up And Win.'”

Connect with Kendra online: