Understanding Your Enneagram Type To Better Your Relationships

“The Enneagram is kind of looking at ways that we coped with stress and different circumstances as children, and so as a child when you’re going through something times we bring that coping mechanism into adulthood and the ways that we’re doing things, you know, doesn’t always work for our relationships or our professional life.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, Myrna Scales and I talk about the Enneagram and how understanding our personality type not only helps us understand ourselves better but how it can help us understand the people around us and can ultimately better our relationships.

What to listen for:

  • What is the Enneagram, and how it has nothing to do with Instagram
  • The difference between each enneagram type and how we naturally are in our personality type
  • Myrna walks us through each type and how each thinks/feels
  • How the enneagram can help us better understand ourselves and ultimately better our relationships

“When you find your type, you can look at it and see where you can go when you’re in growth, where you go when you’re stressed out and unhealthy. You can look at different wings to see, you know because we’re complex people. You can’t just put one number on it.”

  • Myrna breaks down the various enneagram types and their correlating number
  • How to figure out which type you mostly resonate with
  • Understanding the various types to better understand ourselves and our relationship with others
  • How do we integrate or disintegrate into another personality type when stressed or triggered

“I had my youngest son in 2018, and he was three months old. One day, I was playing with him and found a lump on his belly. We brought him to the doctor, and they said, oh, it’s a mass. You need to go to the hospital right now to get further tests to see what else they find. Later, we found out he had a kidney tumor. And the tumor was so big, it covered that left kidney.”

  • How Myrna handled finding out her baby had cancer and needed immediate surgery
  • Sometimes life changing incidents can open incredible doors, and it’s how we handle those situations that set us up for success or failure
  • Myrna talks about how she coped and learned about the enneagram to help her better understand herself and her husband
  • How she understood her core personality type and what happens when she disintegrates, as well as how her husband, who is different yet similar in ways, handles life and tough situations differently and how it doesn’t make him wrong for it

“If you read a book about the Enneagram, you’re going to see that there’s the motivation, the basic fear, the basic desire. And so, answering these questions can help you find your type.”

  • The Enneagram isn’t the end all be all, and how we can best use the knowledge
  • Typing ourselves doesn’t paint us into a corner or decide how we will live it only gives us more understanding of ourselves and others
  • How important it is for us to better understand ourselves, our triggers, our motivations, etc…

About Myrna Scales:

Myrna Scales is a USAF pilot wife, a mom to two young boys, a certified Enneagram coach, and TEDx Speaker. She got into the Enneagram after finding out her youngest son had cancer. She loves helping people find their type and become confident in who they are.

Thank you for listening!

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