Alcoholism May Run In The Family But It Doesn’t Need To Run Your Life

Episode summary:​ Dr. Robb Kelly came from a family of alcoholics, falling into alcoholism himself. When he drank, he felt like he could take on anything.

He drank and then auditioned to be a bass player for several bands. Not remembering he auditioned, he received a job offer from one of those bands.

That proved to him that he was better when drinking, so keep it up. With more drinking, came more problems though. He lost everything, his job, his wife, his kids, and his home.

Dr. Robb Kelly was out on the streets, drinking and wishing his life would end. It wasn’t until he had a spiritual awakening that his life turned around.

He was ready to get better, he was ready to kick drinking to the curb for good and was ready to help others overcome their addictions.

Guest Name & Bio: Dr. Robb Kelly is a renowned Addiction Expert. Born and raised in Manchester, UK, who is eccentric, no holds bar, successful, and places his patients first kind of man.

Robb is Meadows Trained in Trauma and holds a double Ph.D. It is necessary for the family to work along with the patient- we uncover the family chaos and dynamics to better resolve addiction.

Also, Robb takes time to mentor entrepreneurs because he knows what kind of mindset it takes to run a successful company.

Dr. Robb Kelly