How To Transform Anxiety And Answer The Call Of Your Purpose

“If we don’t have a reason to wake up in the morning and get on our feet and show up in the world, we’re just less likely to do the things that we will need to do.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, Raman Hari shares profound insights into the collective anxiety surrounding health in 2020 and delves into the transformative power of accepting life’s challenges. She reflects on the impact of our mindset on navigating difficulties, drawing from her personal journey through health struggles and the emotional upheavals that accompany change and aging. Raman speaks to the significance of showing up for oneself, acknowledging the role of purpose in propelling us forward, and explores her transition from a dental hygienist to a coach, underscoring the importance of a spiritual foundation in her work. If you need support trusting your intuition, managing your emotions, and carving out meaningful moments for self-reflection and change, you’re going to love this conversation.

What to listen for:

  • Raman’s thoughts on the collective scare around health in 2020
  • How our character shows up when we deal with challenges
  • Solidifying yourself starts with acceptance of whatever is happening
  • Her own story of navigating low-iron and treatments
  • The fears that crop up when things change and we grow older

“One way that I worked through it with myself is I came to the acceptance of, ‘Oh, actually, I’m kind of angry about this, and I’m just gonna let myself be angry about it for a little bit.’ And I know that once we can actually let ourselves feel what’s going on underneath, which we often can’t see by ourselves, once we come to that acceptance and see what’s really going on, then I believe that our emotions are actually just passing through us. We’re not putting a cap on them. We’re not blocking them out.

  • When we want to change, we have to show up for ourselves 
  • Raman’s process of moving through hard things
  • How purpose keeps us in motion and doing what we need to do

“I know that I have a vision and this deep purpose within me. If I don’t show up for myself, then there’s absolutely no way that I can show up for my purpose. And that would break my heart.”

  • How we get distracted by pleasure and comfort
  • Feeling unfulfilled can help direct us toward our purpose
  • Raman’s journey from dental hygienist to becoming a coach
  • The importance of having a spiritual foundation to her work
  • Trusting your intuition to guide you forward

“Our emotions are a great guide. Yet they can also be very reactive at times, right? So I think a great way to discern is, over time, over four months, over six months, over eight months, is there that nagging feeling inside of you that’s saying, ‘This isn’t the right job, this isn’t the right career?’ Rather than, ‘I had an outburst last week, and now I don’t want to do my job anymore.’ It feels like it’s more of this quiet, nagging voice that is there that I find is my intuition.” 

  • How to find pockets of time to create change in your life
  • Raman’s practice of leaving her phone off until she needs it
  • Creating space to be with ourselves and our inner world
  • Love yourself into self-mastery; don’t do it because you hate yourself

About Raman Hari

Raman Hari works as an Intuitive Coach, which combines the modalities of Intuitive Reading and Life Coaching. She has reached over 1 million people through her inspiring social media content, and has been coaching clients through workshops and 1:1 sessions centred around healing anxiety & stress, creating a baseline of inner peace, and living a purpose-driven life. Raman is passionate about healing on a subconscious level and remembering the interconnectedness of our mind, body and spirit.

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