New Year, New Embodied Way of Being, New Experiences All Around

“When we’re engaging with life and the world around us differently, it responds differently to us.”

In this episode, we’re celebrating the New Year and talking about what it really takes to step into a “new you” who creates different outcomes and results. The truth is, the whole “New Year, New Me” mentality often leads to self-sabotage because we don’t understand the ever-important embodiment element of aligning with what we want. You can have all the plans and good intentions in the world and still not see any changes this year if you don’t dig deeper into way of being work, calling on the consciousness and energetics of the you who has all the things you desire, pulling them into the now and engaging with life from that state. But this really can be “your year,” and I’ve got you covered with understanding how to create true transformation rather than incremental changes that slip away far too quickly.

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What to listen for:

  • We can decide to transform our experience at any time
  • My own journey of creating grand New Year’s resolutions
  • Spiraling when we mess up after a few days of perfection
  • Not understanding how change occurs sets us up for failure
  • Way of being work isn’t “fake it ‘til you make it”

“Fake it ’til you make it has its place, but more often than not, when we’re faking it, trying to make it, we’re not really shifting anything internally. We’re pretending to be in a certain state that we might not actually be able to hold. We’re trying to move and be like somebody without really being tapped into the energy, frequency, and consciousness of that. And that’s the difference.

  • Shifting the energy and frequency we come from
  • Tapping into a different consciousness and energy
  • Energy and embodiment work isn’t magical thinking
  • How we can call on different energetic frequencies
  • Learning to engage with life differently to create new outcomes

“When we’re engaging with life and the world around us differently, it responds differently to us. This isn’t magical thinking. People respond to us differently because of the state and the frequency that we’re in. We’re now operating as a different ‘tuning fork,’ so things that are of a similar frequency are more likely to stand out to us, respond to us, come towards us. We’re more able to see them because we’re in a state of openness versus closure versus feeling like we’re a piece of crap and we’re not worthy and we’re not cut out.