Become A Person Of Value

Episode Title:​ ​Become A Person Of Value

Episode summary:​ Jeevan is a Financial Advisor, Author, and Transformational Coach whose IQ is in the top 2%. We discuss what it means to be a person of value and how he’s coupled his intelligence with an insatiable appetite for new information.

Guest Name & Bio:  Jeevan, tell us about yourself… 

I am a 32-year-old Author and Transformational Coach (As well as a financial adviser/retirement planner). I like to learn, and I am constantly learning about interesting ideas and topics. Outside of this research, I enjoy hiking, Judo, and walking the Dog. I have recently acquired qualifications in Life Coaching, Psychology, and Counselling. I am also a member of Mensa. I love Philosophy, and I am a self-proclaimed Stoic. I am currently writing a second book. 

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