Deep Work For The Stirring Soul

Episode Title:​ ​Deep Work For The Stirring Soul

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One of the most interesting results of something like a global pandemic is that it affects everyone’s lives more similarly, especially in our thought life. In late 2019 / early 2020, Claire began resenting her current circumstances… She had a “perfect” life from the outside, but something was stirring in her soul. Since that time, she’s dedicated herself to getting to know who she is, deep at the core & she’s figuring out what tools/habits/actions work best for her on her journey of self-actualization.  

She joins us today to share about her journey so far and shares some great tactics and practices that have helped her… they may do the same for you! 

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Claire is a soulful guide and mentor, 200-RYT, and astrology/human design enthusiast with one foot in the corporate world and another building my business. She helps “successful,” but unsatisfied 20-30 somethings to learn how to connect with themselves on a soul level so they can have clarity, direction, and a plan. Her passion is to inspire anyone hoping to deepen their connection with themselves + others to feel empowered to live authentically as a unique individual and as a member of the collective.

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