Becoming a Beginner Again and Learning to Grow Through Frustration

“In order to do anything in life, we have to be a beginner first.”

In this episode, I’m talking about being willing to be a beginner again and learning to grow through the inevitable frustrations that come with it, especially as we get older and become skilled in other areas of our life. Starting from square one is unavoidable in life, and failure is simply a sign that we’re actively learning something new. Yet, we resist these things because it’s uncomfortable and even ego-bruising. In order to change our relationship with failure and being a beginner, we have to understand the deeper roots of this resistance. Frustration and failure are not signals to give up but opportunities for emotional growth and self-awareness. By filtering out self-limiting stories we tell ourselves, we empower listeners to normalize the discomfort of pursuing seemingly impossible goals.

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What to listen for:

  • Doing the impossible requires being a beginner at something
  • Feeling comfortable and competent gives a false sense of safety
  • When new things feel organic vs. when they feel challenging
  • Looking for and healing past traumas around competence
  • Understanding your personality type and its influence
  • Failure simply means that we’re actively learning

In order to do anything in life, we have to be a beginner first. We have to be new to it, uncomfortable with it, ungraceful and clumsy in it, and we have to fail at it as we learn to succeed. Those failures don’t mean that we’re a failure and that we’re not capable of doing what it is that we want. They just mean that we’re learning.”

  • Why we start to fear failure as humans
  • Being willing to get up and go again when we fail
  • What we can glean from babies learning to walk
  • Filtering out the stories we tell ourselves
  • You have to be willing to feel your frustration

“You have to be able to feel the frustration, the anger, the hurt, the fear, whatever it is that comes with learning and being a beginner. You have to allow it to be here because if frustration is one of those emotions you’re unwilling to feel—it’s a no-go zone emotion—you likely won’t be able to learn and grow in the ways you need to. To move past being a beginner and into competence, skill, growing, learning, finding your footing, finding your way of doing whatever you’re trying to do.

  • Understanding your unique energetic wiring
  • Working through subconscious stoppers when they come up
  • Frustration doesn’t mean stop; it means process your emotions
  • Normalizing the discomfort of going after impossible goals
  • Questions to ask yourself to prompt growth