Working With Our Emotions and Dropping Through the Void

“Eventually, we will open into an expansive state because we have allowed what is here and contractive to move out of us.”

In this episode, we’re talking about working with our emotions healthily and productively. I’m also introducing you to the concept of The Void, a cornerstone in my work. In this world, we’re often taught that some emotions are “good,” and others are “bad,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Emotions are just energy in motion, and some of those energies are expansive, while others are contractive. Regardless of which category they fit into, all our emotions are good, valid, and healthy when we build a relationship with them and move them out of our bodies in productive ways. In this conversation, you’ll learn some techniques for working with your emotions (especially your “no-go zone” emotions), why this is vital to making the impossible happen, and how to access more of the feelings and states that you desire (and with far more fullness!)

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What to listen for:

  • Understanding contractive vs. expansive emotions
  • You’re not tricking your body when you bypass emotions
  • If you avoid contractive emotions, you’ll mute the expansive ones
  • Anger is a healthy and profoundly supportive emotion
  • No-go zone emotions and why you must feel and process them
  • Personality types, core wounds, and subconscious winning strategies

Whatever core emotion you refuse to feel is driving your life. And in your methods and strategies for avoiding it, you’re actually keeping what you want—both in terms of what you want to have, do, be, and create, and how you want to feel—perpetually out of reach. And even if you can feel those things, you won’t feel the fullness of them, the richness of them. They will be fleeting.”

  • Looking at your limiting beliefs around emotions
  • How to start building a healthy relationship with your emotions
  • We reinforce our worldview through stories about our emotions
  • The importance of alignment and knowing ourselves
  • Process work is uncomfortable and confronting

“Process work is confronting. It’s challenging and revealing. It’s the most uncomfortable work you’ll ever do. But it will give you access to everything you want to feel, everything you desire, that you are fighting so hard to cultivate in yourself but you’re failing to experience.

  • Moving your emotions in a safe and productive way
  • If your emotion could speak, what would it say?
  • Transmuting our emotions into beautiful things
  • Creating freedom and leverage to have what you desire
  • When it feels like your emotions will consume you

“When we move past that point that we think is a point of no return, we open into what’s next. And there might be layers. Rage might go to sadness, might go to hopelessness, might go to hurt. But we can’t get to those layers if we’re unwilling to feel what’s present at the surface. And eventually, we will open into an expansive state because we have allowed what is here and contractive to move out of us.

  • Working with The Void to access our sense of Source
  • My first experience dropping through The Void
  • A short practice for moving your emotions productively