Stretching Yourself and Navigating the Tension of Rapid Growth

“If you want to grow, you’re going to be stretched.”

In this episode, I’m talking about stretching yourself and navigating the tension of rapid growth. I’m personally moving through a season of massive expansion in all areas of my life, and feeling stretched is a constant theme. But I understand that there’s always tension in growth, and while sometimes that can feel painful and hard, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. It doesn’t mean that what I want isn’t possible or I’m incapable of bringing it to life; it just means that I’m in the process of growing into more and calling in more aligned experiences.

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What to listen for:

If you want to grow, to step into what it is that calls you, and make impossible things happen rapidly, you have to have a relationship to your emotions because you’re going to be stretched as an individual, as a leader, as a creative, as a partner, as a parent. You’re going to be stretched. And in that stretching, there will be tension, discomfort, even pain.”

We don’t even like to say things are going to be hard because we think we’re manifesting challenges. That’s not how it works. You’re stating a fact. I am about to stretch myself and my capacity. I’m about to step out of the known and familiar. There’s going to be tension to some degree, which means within that tension, there might be pain, there might be challenges and struggles and discomfort. Can you normalize that?”

  • How to avoid activating your subconscious winning strategy
  • Nothing is wrong with you, other people, or the situation
  • Tension is not the same as resistance
  • Knowing your subconscious stoppers so you stay in motion

If you can look back and every time you’ve ever stopped, whether it was an external or an internal reason, you can start to unpack how your subconscious knows it can get you to stop. There’s no judgment. We all have a way that we stop.”

  • Resting is self-care and not the same as stopping
  • Staying plugged into the right energy and your desires
  • You can feel fear and still be in the frequency of faith
  • Giving yourself grace when you stop or give up
  • Welcoming the triggers and stoppers that come up
  • Your capacity needs to expand to do the impossible