Becoming A Resilient Dad

Episode summary:​ Pat Di Domenico felt like his life was like a yo-yo. There were a lot of ups and a lot of downs. He masked the problems in different ways – working all the time, taking anti-depressants, and eating fast food. All forms of masking was hurting his health and his relationships.

His job was taking away time from his wife and kids, antidepressants just made him feel like he was managing his life instead of having control, and fast food was risking his health.

Fortunately, one of his friends gifted him a ticket to a Tonny Robins event, which absolutely changed Pat’s life.

He was able to recognize what he was doing and why he masking his emotions. He was also able to take time to reflect on how he can change his behavior and fix the situations he’s in.

Guest Name & Bio: Pat Di Domenico, founder of Resilient Dad is someone who one day found himself in his worse possible nightmare.

Growing up, he continuously focused on never, ever wanting my own kids to ever experience his journey as a child, witnessing his parents having a toxic, volatile, and dysfunctional relationship after separation. He then found myself not being able to believe, that he recreated the pattern that he so badly didn’t want.

When he was challenged with finding himself becoming a single dad and having to navigate through social parenting issues and struggling to understand the complexity of the family legal system, he felt so confused and alone like he had nowhere to turn. He had to fight just to see his son and, in the process, learned a lot that he can share with others.