Learning to Let Life Support You With Four Critical Types of Trust

“Let life support you. The baseline state of our universe is well-meaning and kindly towards you.”

In today’s episode, we’re talking about the four different types of trust and learning how to let life support you. Oftentimes, as we walk these journeys, we start to believe that life is happening to us. But when we learn how to separate the human and natural elements from the universe as a whole—and we understand the frequency that it operates from—we can learn to work with it to create what we desire. But this requires the foundational energetics of specific types of trust, and that’s exactly what we’re digging into today.

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What to listen for:

  • Life is always happening around us, as life tends to do
  • What trust means, and understanding the frequency of it
  • Fear and trust vs. fear, worry, and doubt
  • Trusting yourself and your intuition
  • Building a relationship with your body’s wisdom

Your body is more capable than you are. It’s wired to pick up on those variations and frequency and energy. Intention is an energy. Trust is an energy. The desire to cause harm is an energy. It’s a frequency that gets emitted from the other person from the situation. It hangs in the air, and your body has the ability to discern that.”

  • Navigating the Terror Barrier when going for more
  • Trusting your calling and your purpose
  • When following our callings lead to loss

“Every time someone or something falls away in the process of becoming who we’re here to be and in the process of creating our impossible desires, it’s a deeper active alignment that takes a tremendous amount of trust in yourself and your calling.”

  • Trusting other people despite past experiences
  • My journey of rebuilding trust with myself and men
  • Processing your trauma and repatterning your subconscious

Looking at these experiences and these people individually helps us build a new map, a new framework for who is trustworthy and who is not so that we can better discern that. Not everyone is untrustworthy just because you had bad experiences; only those people are now untrustworthy. How can you learn from that in such a way that allows you to rebuild trust in everyone else who is yet to lose your trust?”

  • Learning to be discerning with who’s trustworthy
  • Having trust in something greater than yourself
  • Understanding our frequency-based universe
  • Life inherently supports us in growth and expansion
  • The meaning of a “benevolent universe.”
  • Separating human and natural experiences from life

The baseline state of our universe is well-meaning and kindly towards you. It supports you in growing into who you’re here to be. Your fullest expression. Life is not happening to you; it’s happening around you, as life tends to do. Can you separate the human and natural elements out?”

  • The frequency that life operates on, and how to meet it
  • How to stop resisting life’s support for you
  • We must have trust to create what we desire
  • Clearing what’s blocking you from having trust