Begin Again as Many Times as it Takes: A Story of Starting Over… Again

“You might technically be back at square one, but you aren’t really because you’ve learned.”

In this episode, I’m talking about the often frustrating need to begin again on the path to making our seemingly impossible goals a reality. Sometimes, we’ve taken two steps forward and one step back, and other times, we’ve completely achieved our goal only to have something happen, and we’re back at square one (or worse, square -10). For me, I’m deep in the process of beginning again after making it 50% of the way to a goal that took a ton of focused, committed work, only to end up back to square one. When we haven’t done our deeper healing work, it’s easy to take these moments as a sign to give up, citing our core wound stories as truth and moving on to “easier” things. Really, beginning again is inevitable with the big, important visions we hold, especially when they’re something we’ve never done before. We must learn to embrace the process of starting over, beginning again as often as it takes. And the truth is, we’re never really starting over because we’ve learned and grown through the prior attempts.

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What to listen for:

  • A big part of how we manifest the seemingly impossible
  • It’s a constant ongoing process of beginning again
  • My story of beginning again with buying a camper
  • The importance of having a relationship with your emotions
  • Leaving space to grieve when you can

“You have to process your emotions in real-time, ideally, so that there’s nothing getting stored in your cells that you’ll have to process later or the next time you try to go for something bigger. Or it’s not going to build up and compound to where when you’re so close to reaching your goals, and something happens again, something disrupts the path, something doesn’t work out, you don’t just throw in all the towel because all of a sudden all of your emotions are welling up.

  • How to process when there’s no time or space
  • Notice the stories getting reinforced when you have to begin again
  • Processing and repatterning through the frustration
  • The messy middle of my metabolic healing journey
  • Getting sick and losing all of my progress
  • Processing old and new wounds

“Now I have to climb the mountain all over again. It’s very easy to feel frustrated by that. I do feel frustrated by that! It’s very easy not to want to bother because I already did. And what’s beautiful about these experiences, as frustrating as they are, is they bring all of our stories and core wounds to the surface. Anything that’s left, anything that has not been dealt with, anything that’s new from the situation and experience.

  • It may be technically square one, but not actually
  • Life is always happening, and obstacles often crop up
  • Every obstacle and redirect teaches us something
  • Resting and giving yourself grace
  • Your goal has to be purpose-driven, or you’ll quit