How To Not Rush Through The Trauma Storm

How To Not Rush Through The Trauma Storm

“I have to do it because it makes me better, because it makes me feel better, because it makes me a better human, because it makes me a better businessman, because it makes me a better brother, a better son, a better friend, a better, all these things. Right? So you have to just look at it and say, okay, this is gonna be uncomfortable, but I’m so committed to this version of myself that I’m gonna be on the other side of this that I’m just gonna go through it.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, David “Kitch” Kitchens and I talk about sports psychology, building leaders, and his view of the world from the standpoint of someone who was a bi-racial football player in a small town and how that shaped his life.

What to listen for:

  • The importance of doing the hard work on yourself
  • Learning how to manage our stress and understanding what we’ve made up and what has come at us
  • We discuss privilege, race, and the perception of people in and outside of the USA
  • How growing up without knowing your father can shape you… for the rest of your life

“No matter where you go, people are people. But you also realize how superficial and how surface level a lot of the United States culture is and how we are not the center of the world”

  • Learn about how Kitch’s 6 month College Euro Trip changed his life
  • The perspective of seeing the world from outside our country can change the way we view our country ourselves and learn how other cultures live and view us as well
  • We both feel it’s very important for everyone to get out of their hometown and live somewhere else, even if it is on a school or business trip
  • Hear the story about how Kitch told the CEO of a European company that he should not bring his brand to the US… it ended up being like a movie ending!

“Being somebody that’s biracial and somebody that grew up African-American in a predominantly white area, it just furthered my ability to be kind of a social chameleon and be able to meet people of different creeds and all walks of life. And I think if I didn’t have those experiences, I wouldn’t be who I was as a coach, and I wouldn’t be who I am now as a business owner.”

  • Growing up in a small town where life is all about a sport can still be tough for a biracial child; however, there’s privilege that comes with being a football player
  • How growing up in a predominantly white area in a white town, he was never hidden from his African-American culture, and this shaped him as a boy and, ultimately, as a man
  • David knew he was different but always wanted to fit in while still forging his own path and identity
  • His understanding of being different led him into coaching and wanting to help people feel unique yet still included

“There were definitely instances where I encountered some racism. And again, it pales in comparison to what other people have gone through it, and, and it was something that I said, openly, when everything happened right at the beginning of the pandemic with George Floyd and the social justice movement”

  • Hear how David handled being a biracial coach in the beginning of the social justice movement and how he embraced his students and his own race and feelings about the situation at hand
  • How situations like the tragic situation with George Floyd opened up the eyes of many and started many important conversations
  • Learn about what David did with his responsibility toward his players and the steps he took to acknowledge the situation and see the opportunity to help his players

About David “Kitch” Kitchen:

Coach Kitch is the Founder and President of Edge Leadership Academy. He is a former Division 1 Coach and a PhD Candidate with a master’s degree in sports psychology, who has a decade of experience building leaders, culture, and mindset at the highest levels of sports and business. He is the author of *The Pyramid: A System for Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today*, and *The Scoreboard: A Self-Audit System to Help You Build the Life You Want.* As a speaker, consultant, and coach, Coach Kitch is trusted by 100+ CEOs, coaches, and high performers to help them lead and win in business, athletics, and life.

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