Check Your Friends And Take Accountability For Your Own Actions

Episode summary:​ Lia was just like many people, struggling with money, bad relationships, single mother, and more. She had to make a change, but how?

When Lia’s friends were changing what they were doing, she had a moment of self-reflection, which caused her to ask herself different questions about her own life, the choices she had made, and the choices she can make.

It all started with taking accountability for her own actions, changing her mindset, and setting little goals.

Guest Name & Bio: In the ever-changing economic and social media-driven world, Lia enables sales leaders and their teams to become masters of their online presence and mindset.

She is an engaging speaker with deep subject expertise in LinkedIn algorithms, social selling, and the day-to-day habits it takes to build engagement. Lia is also a mindset coach whose mission is to empower everyone to live their best “Bliss Life”.