Exploring Body Type Science

Episode summary:​  Marc Nelson always knew his body was a little different. He played on the soccer team as an eight-year-old kid but noticed his body didn’t seem to develop the same way.

Going to the doctors, they would tell him nothing was wrong due to him being in the safe BMI range. Marc suffers from lacking muscle mass though, creating many challenges with his weight and health. With that, he knows there are others who may also be struggling with BMI inaccuracy, so he has set out to study and help overcome the obesity health crisis.

Guest Name & Bio: As the lead scientific researcher at Fellow One Research, Marc Nelson has pioneered Body Type Science (The Four Body Types) since 2003 including creating the only Online Worldwide Science-Based Health Community Website that offers the Scientific Body Type Quiz and Scientific Weight Loss Programs (Basic and Advanced). His website offers free public access to the scientific health knowledge-base & research data, including science-based diet, exercise, lifestyle, metabolism, BMR, Body Mass Index (BMI), fat, skinny fat (normal weight obesity, cellulite, thin fat, saggy skin, loose skin, crepey skin), obesity, vertebrae & muscles/muscle mass development, and genetics/DNA information.

He goes on to say “we are the ONLY scientific body types in existence; all other body types are unscientific. There is a direct scientific correlation between body type, skinny fat, excess fat, being overweight, and obesity, no less, which is why our mission is to help wrangle and overcome the global health crisis including the obesity epidemic to achieve a sustainable future.”

Marc Nelson