Context, What Really Happened, and the Art of Not Taking Things Personally

In today’s episode, I’m talking about context, what really happened, and the art of not taking things personally—all things that lead to greater leverage and freedom! These are especially important as we navigate challenging chapters and big life transitions, or when we’re comparing our journey to someone else’s (which we shouldn’t be doing in the first place, because we all have our own process and pacing). I’m giving some examples for what each of these mean and how understanding them can help you move through your growth and healing far more rapidly.

What to listen for:

  • What is context and why is it important
  • Internalizing things that are interpreted out of context
  • Being clear on your context and how to make discerning decisions
  • Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else

Even if your situation is very similar to someone who’s been on the show, remember that the context is completely different—inherently—because we’re different people. We’re living different lives. The circumstances are different. The situation is different. Our internal worldview, our internal ecology is different.”

  • Discerning what’s right for you on your journey
  • Look for the framework and how it’s being modeled
  • Asking ourselves, “what really happened?”
  • Separating stories from reality to keep moving forward

“Story pulls us away from what it is that we want, and it keeps us stuck. It keeps us small. It keeps us stalled out. Story is the thing that we are trying to separate out by asking this question, not invalidating our experience and making it wrong. Not gaslighting ourselves or others.

  • Breaking this powerful question down
  • Grab a copy of my book, What Really Happened?
  • Where our stories come from and why they’re not true
  • The art of not taking things personally and how it empowers us
  • Why this isn’t a pass or an “out” from taking responsibility
  • The flip side of “it’s not personal” that we don’t acknowledge

“We love this concept in relation to the negative. We feel better. We can say, ‘it’s not personal,’ when they’re mean or don’t treat us well. We don’t like the idea that it’s not personal when they’re praising us and appreciating us and celebrating who we are.

  • How non-attachment creates freedom to live our purpose
  • When to reflect on other people’s responses to us
  • Noticing where these play out in our lives and next steps you can take


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