Allowing Ourselves To Courageously Deliver Our Message To The World

Episode Title:​ ​Allowing Ourselves To Courageously Deliver Our Message To The World

Episode summary:​ Liz and I discuss her findings from being a career coach during the pandemic and how she’s helped her clients maneuver career and life changes in the midst of everything going on.  We get into some of the behind-the-scenes conversations with executives and business owners  throughout the past few years as well as the stories that have shaped her and the wisdom she can share with us all.

Guest Name & Bio:  Liz M. Lopez is a valued Executive Career & Business Coach who corporate professionals and business owners to life-changing levels of success through one-on-one coaching and signature group coaching programs. A bestselling author and celebrated speaker, Liz wows the crowd during action-focused keynote presentations and workshops. She ignites live and virtual audiences by showing them their own potential and creating a clear path to accomplishing their true objectives. After an award-winning 15-year corporate career with leadership roles at Capital One, Verizon and PODS,Liz launched her own company, Captivate Your Audience in 2007. Since then, Liz has championed thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue and achieve their highest level of success.

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