The Three Critical Components for Cultivating Confidence in Yourself

“We have to push our edges and build trust in ourselves.”

In this episode, I’m talking about three critical components for cultivating more confidence, something most people want (and need) more of. Confidence ups our attractiveness, but I’m not just talking about how we appear to other people; I’m talking about our ability to attract the right people and opportunities to us. Confidence is an energetic state that aligns us with what we want, as well as an energy that moves us into action when we need it most. While there are many elements to true confidence, today’s conversation centers are three pieces that we must master to have more confidence and create more of what we want in our lives.

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What to listen for:

  • How confidence creates more magnetism in us
  • The true definition of confidence is “owning it”
  • We have to be steady and aligned with whatever “it” is
  • Feeling like ourselves in our fullest expression
  • Owning the decisions you make for your life

Confidence doesn’t mean that other people won’t judge it, but they’re less likely to, and they’re less likely to question you. Some of them still will because they feel threatened by your confidence, by your life choices, by whatever it might be that you’re owning. But more people will accept it because they feel your energy behind them.”

  • My first experience witnessing true confidence
  • People respond to the undertone of our energy
  • Buying a camper and changing the way I live my life
  • Doing the work to come into alignment with your truth
  • Healing past trauma to create more freedom and leverage

You will struggle to hold confidence in yourself if you have old traumas, old wounds—especially core wounds—that keep you in story loops in your mind that you’re not good enough or unworthy. If the one time that you really owned something, you were abused or shamed or rejected or abandoned, it will be really hard for you to be confident in anything.”

  • The things that make us afraid to own our choices
  • Past failures can make it challenging to have confidence
  • When we’re blocked, we need support
  • It’s not mind over matter when trauma is involved
  • Pushing our edges and building trust in ourselves

“We have to push our edges and build trust in ourselves and see that we can survive the things that are scary and hard, that used to be triggering and traumatizing for us, that are uncomfortable. We build confidence the more that we move through hard things. The more we heal, the more we take action steps and navigate failure—not just success— but we navigate through failure. We figure things out. We learn, we grow, we’re shaped. We find support, we receive and accept the support. We learn new things.

  • My experience buying a camper and building confidence
  • What edges need to be pushed to have what you want?
  • You have to be comfortable being a beginner
  • Look back for evidence of yourself surviving challenges
  • Cellular healing and subconscious repatterning