Times, They Are A Changin’

“So the purpose of this show, the mindset and self-mastery show is for us to be able to heal and be able to better manage our mindset and to be able to find our own sense and purpose within our self-mastery. Self-mastery is basically just discipline and being disciplined in different ways and not being restrictive. However, things have changed a bit.”

In this episode, I’m talking about how sometimes we as podcasts, people, organizations, etc… need to change and that change is not only inevitable but it’s totally ok. Over the past, almost, two years of the show’s existence most of the episodes have been interview-style episodes and it’s time for that to shift a bit.

Though the guests have been incredible I’m taking a shift in the episode’s format to dive a bit deeper into my own life, lessons, wise thoughts, and overall smartassisms. I wasn’t sure if that was actually a word but it felt right so I googled it and Urban Dictionary says it’s a word so, fuck it, it must be real. Even if it’s not, the “definition” is pretty fucking spot on. 

Smartassism: Someone who enjoys giving flippant, sarcastic, and/or rude answers to legitimate questions

Listen to the episode where I discuss why I started the show to learn more about the catalyst events and early days o the show. Check it out here.

What to listen for

  • Why I’m making a change in the show’s format and how long I’ve been thinking about it
  • What’s new in my own personal life and how I’ve left the rat race of corporate America
  • What my new company is about
  • The direction the show is going and how I’m unapologetic about it all

“I just knew inside of me that there were things that needed to change.”

  • There have been some large changes in my life
  • About how and why I left corporate America
  • About what it means to be unemployable
  • How I thought I was living with a purpose and how I was so so wrong

“I still didn’t fully know when I was supposed to leave and what that was supposed to look like and then one morning…”

  • My corporate job was just a bandage for me playing small and trying to appease my ex-wife and my ego (when I started)
  • When I left I was dead to them… instantly without any funeral

“As an entrepreneur, I started another company and I have my partner that I’m with.”

  • What’s next and what’s new
  • Why I started a new company and what the company is about
  • I’ll be diving much deeper into what’s on my heart and having guests that are doing incredible works in the world


Check out Episode #10 where I share why I started the show and the crazy path I took to get here.

Thank you for listening!

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