Finding Faith, Focus, and Purpose After Abuse with Dominion Ezechibueze

Today I’m talking with Dominion Ezechibueze, founder of Minion Training and a Division I Football player, about finding faith, focus, and purpose after abuse. Dominion is a Nigerian immigrant who wasn’t breathing when he was born and experienced physical abuse throughout his childhood, both in school and at home. Finding football in high school was a pivotal moment that changed the trajectory of his life, giving him the skills, support, and purpose he lacked. He’s now a personal trainer and host of the Minion Motivation podcast with a mission to spread faith lessons through his journey of overcoming struggles and helping others become their healthiest selves—mentally and physically.

What to listen for:

  • Born in Nigeria, not breathing
  • Arriving in America when he was six years old
  • Being bullied in school and abused at home
  • Discovering football and how it changed his life
  • Leaning on the power of fitness

“I just started working hard. And that’s why I got into fitness. That process helped me find myself. You have to talk to yourself; you have to push past a lot of things internally so you can see the physical attribute of it. I wanted to get better for my football team.”

  • Growing up with faith and building a relationship with God
  • The importance of knowing your purpose in life
  • Feeling messed up and navigating life getting harder
  • Experiencing adjustments in football and the effects of it
  • Building trust to navigate life’s storms

“I’m a very emotional person. So when I’m going through something, I’m not looking at logic. I’m not looking at the word as much as I should be. You have to trust, right? It’s hard. It’s super crazy hard.”

  • Having his faith and commitment tested
  • Leaving a legacy and what we’re remembered for
  • Following your dreams and not settling in life

“Everybody has a dream. For some people, they take that other route and settle. And you know, I feel bad cause I feel like everybody dreams. You have to keep pushing, keep working. I’m still on that path.”

  • Starting his personal training business in high school
  • His dream of playing for the NFL
  • Launching his podcast and motivating others

About Dominion Ezechibueze:

Dominion Ezechibueze is a young entrepreneur growing his business and chasing his dreams. His purpose is to spread the word of a God through overcoming struggles in his life.

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