Going Against The Grain To Pursue Your Dreams

Episode summary:​ As children, we have a tendency to do as we are told. We follow the dreams our parents have for us, and sometimes even a comment from a teacher can pave a certain path.

Matt had been going through the motions of what his parents wanted for him – going to college to become an architect. The further Matt went along, he was realizing it didn’t feel right. It’s not what he wants to do. He went against the grain and started creating his own dreams and fulfilling them and he hasn’t been happier.

Guest Name & Bio: For 23 years Matt has designed, built, and creatively solved problems for GE, now, he says he is “hanging my shingle” to offer those skills to others, building two businesses of his own.

DXM Solutions is centered on classic industrial design and experiential marketing

Highland Timbers, following his passion for woodworking and marrying it with design. His goal is to reinvent game night and bring families closer together to create memories.