Combining Psychology and Mindfulness With Product Marketing

Episode summary:​ Samraj Matharu is a marketer who takes in endless amounts of data to determine the best ways of showing products to customers and how to deliver what people want.

But not only does he take in data about reaching target audiences, but has learned how to apply reading and understanding data to better his personal life. Data is available to us easier than ever, and just have to know that it’s there.

Samraj sets goals he wants to achieve and uses a lot of data apps on his phone (and these are already programmed apps on our phones). With a damaged ACL, Samraj needs to make sure he stretches and gets his exercise in.

So he’ll use a step counter on his phone. He can then see his progress, whether he’s keeping up with his goals or falling behind, and recognize what he needs to do in order to achieve those goals. Samraj’s biggest goal is to be the best version of himself.

Guest Name & Bio: Samraj is a believer in self-mastery and does what he can to excel in everything he does. He reads books by Robert GreeneRhonda Byrne, and Paolo Coelho and has a broad range of interests and skills.

He also likes to excel in the gym and put 20kg of muscle on within 2 years. Samraj has a compelling story to tell about how he tore his ACL ligament and got over it.

Samraj Matharu