How The Pandemic Led To Healing

Episode Title:​ ​How The Pandemic Led To Healing

Episode summary:​ Battling with mental illness, addiction and past trauma isn’t something we should take lightly yet, WE do this with ourselves all the time. Eric and I discuss how he’s worked through addiction, ADHD and running from problems to now having an understanding of himself and how to best operate.

Guest Name & Bio: We asked Eric about himself. Here’s what he said…. 

“I have loved cars for as long as I can remember. When I was 14 years old I made my first purchase of a Yamaha dirt bike for $500. I was able enjoy that for a few months and then sold it back to the original owner for more than I paid for it. I was hooked. I started studying prices and market adjustments from an early age. I have always loved shopping for cars, and many friends and relatives would consult me or ask me to go shopping with them as a buffer or for my help. I eventually turned that into a business. Phoenix Preferred, . The deck has always been stacked against the consumer in purchasing or leasing a new and used car. I wanted to even out that deck. I have created a business where an individual has more power buying a car then even a buying service has. I treat each client individually and get to them and their wants and needs. To be able to bring a personal touch to the service large buying services just can’t. A recent success story, I had a client that wanted to turn in a lease early. They thought they would just turn it in and walk away. I was able to turn that into $8000 with a couple of phone calls.”

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